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Welcome to the homepage of PJCNET Paranormal Marketing. This site has certainly come a long way since it’s launch way back in December 2007. It’s an ever expanding and evolving site, articles are being written all the time about all subjects including the paranormal and so much more, so please come back again soon.

At first it was difficult to decide what kind of website to design:

  1. I'm a paranormal investigator and very much into ghost/spirits, astral projection (soul travel), discovering psychic skills and just about anything else paranormal.

  2. Secondly I'm Interested in Internet Marketing and I was excited about developing a website exposing the Internet scams as well as giving people insider information on genuine opportunities which I've discovered for free.

  3. Thirdly, I used to work in PC Technical Support for a very large organisation and wanted a website to share some of the tricks and tips that I've discovered.

  4. Then I wanted a website for debating various subjects, about anything and everything. I wanted people to be able to leave comments and join in debates.

Well I decided, lets do all 4. I know the subjects don't normally fit together, but I suppose that's what make my site rather unique.

Feel free to browse the ever growing article database and you are welcome to write comments, ask questions and debate any of the subjects covered. I don't even mind if you put affiliate marketing links in your comments. The only rules are that you are reasonably polite, the comments are related to the subject, they are written in reasonable English, no adult XXX rated content and links are only to reasonable sites (no scams).

(*All our readers agree to use this blog under the conditions laid in our legal disclaimer!)

Discover the Paranormal Yourself & Take Part!

If you are interested in the paranormal, I strongly recommend that you attend a ghost & spirit investigations yourself.

There are various organisations who run paid investigations throughout the UK, although I’m quite sceptical of many paid groups as in my opinion they often tend to copy Most Haunted in order to provide both entertainment and excitement. If you do go on a paid investigation and are open minded, you’ll most likely really enjoy yourself even if their paranormal evidence doesn’t fully stand up to scrutiny. I’m not saying that all paid paranormal groups work this way though and a few paid groups are even non profit based. These non profit paid groups usually invite members of the public along so they can afford to investigate famous locations which can cost anything up to a few thousand pounds to hire for a night.

In my opinion privately run, seriously dedicated non profit paranormal groups often provide a better insight into true paranormal investigating, although different groups often investigate using very different techniques and have varying degrees of professionalism. Serious paranormal investigations can be exciting, but often take of lot of patience, especially when nothing happens for hours and this can happen. It’s common for non profit paranormal groups to take on new members, so why not search on-line for a group near you?

Birmingham Investigators of the Unknown

Please visit http://www.birminghamiu.com (Our Sister Site)

Birmingham Investigators of the Unknown was started in 2008 by myself and a couple of good friends. We have since grown and are being fast being recognised and respected in the Midlands area of the UK. Please visit the website link above for full details of our paranormal investigation and research group.



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If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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PJCNET supports the following free blog directories listed below and many more, if you have a blogging website of your own, I strongly recommend you submit to as many blog directories as possible as well as to all major search engines to increase your Internet prestige and traffic:

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