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The Haunted Ancient Ram Inn – Part 2

7 September, 2009 (03:13) | Uncategorized | By: admin


The Incubus & Sucubus (Mythological Demons)

Many people believe that there’s an Incubus (Male) and possibly a Sucubus (Female) at The Ancient Ram Inn. In short these are thought by some to be evil demonic creatures who often attack people in a sexually explicit manner, usually when they’re sleeping. Some people even believe that an Incubus can be both male and female at the same time.

The big question is, do these entities really exist at The Ram and if so, are they actually demons? Well various people at The Ram have reported being attacked or touched in an explicit manner and have assumed it’s an Incubus or Sucubus at work. In my opinion there’s no definite evidence that these entities are in fact demons and it’s also very possible that some of the reports could be generated from auto-suggestive dreams. If you fall asleep with something worrying you or on your mind, often you will dream about it. Also reports of waking up being held down on the bed can usually be explained by a common disorder called sleep paralysis which can be frightening, but remains harmless.

If something or someone is really attacking people with a sexual nature at The Ram Inn while they’re sleeping, I suspect it’s caused simply by a human spirit or spirits that used to be alive physically like any other Earth bound spirits, but is this my final conclusion? Well, while visiting The Ram, my psychic colleague briefly picked up on an entity that came towards him at great speed, he described what he saw as a person with a face like a cat with whiskers? Is this the Incubus, the Sucubus or was it something else? The definite final answer to the question still remains a mystery, but The Ram has certainly proved an intriguing place.

For more details about what an Incubus or Sucubus is believed to be, please click here.

(An old painting from 1870 portraying an Incubus)

Why Do Some People Disrespect John, The Owner of The Ram Inn?

John Humphries, the current owner of The Ancient Ram Inn since 1968 is a kind and very intelligent elderly gentlemen who certainly deserves the greatest of respect. John has worked extremely hard all his life and even though he’s been retired for many years, he still works very hard to keep The Ram open for serious paranormal investigators to enjoy. Unfortunately a few visitors to The Ram have been far less than respectful or have even repaid John’s warm welcome by purposely damaging or even stealing his property, this is utterly despicable and just wrong. People who disrespect and/or abuse John in my opinion can’t have much of a conscience.

If you intend to visit The Ram, please don’t attend without prior arrangement with John himself well in advance. Writing to John and first introducing yourself explaining who you are and what you do would be a good initial point of contact before speaking to John on the phone. I won’t include John’s phone number here as he already gets an excessive amount of calls which constantly interrupts his daily life. If you do need to call, please keep the number of calls to a minimum. Please only contact John if you’re a very serious and respectable paranormal group with public liability insurance, John get’s a lot of phone calls from inexperienced cheap thrill seekers, some are disrespectful to John and can even take advantage of him. John is more cautious now because of this, so please don’t be offended if you’re asked questions to help prove the validarity and seriousness of your paranormal group. Please be patient on the phone as John is suffering from some hearing difficulties. John has been known to goto sleep quite early, so please don’t call him after around 8pm at night, many people call quite late waking John up regularly as I witnessed on my visit. On some nights, John is woken up by uninvited visitors shouting and hanging around outside the premises, sometimes taking photographs very late at night. On occasions the uninvited guests even have the nerve to knock John up out of bed wanting to come in, please don’t do this as this is very unfair on John, he deserves time to relax and sleep like anyone else.

John usually only asks visitors for a donation towards the repair and upkeep of the building which is vital if there’s any hope that the building will survive into the future. Please ensure you agree to pay John at least £20 a head for an overnight stay or at least £10 a head for a day visit, but please donate more if you can afford it. Please remember that some paranormal locations charge hundreds or even thousands of pounds to open up for the night, so £20 a head is very cheap indeed. Arrange to post a deposit in cash before attending as is preferred by John, I suggest you use Royal Mail special delivery as it’s fully insured and signed for on delivery. Always settle the remainder of the donations shortly after arrival to The Ram, sadly a few very dishonest individuals promised to pay John later, but instead quietly sneaked off before John woke up the next morning without paying a penny, this is grossly unfair in every way.

John usually allows visiting paranormal investigators to go about their business as they wish throughout their stay, he is friendly and as helpful as possible throughout. It should however be without question that what John says always goes, remember you’re staying in John’s home and you should see yourself as an honoured guest. Ensure you thank John for his kind hospitality. Always leave everything exactly as you found it and clean up any mess as you go. If you stay overnight, John will almost certainly goto sleep and when he does, always keep the noise down to a minimum so not to disturb him.

On a good note, there are many genuinely respectable paranormal groups out there who have treated John with the respect he deserves, I would like to thank them. There’s also been various professional film crews who have put John up in an all expenses paid luxury hotel such as The London Hilton while they film a TV programme, this is a nice way to repay John for the inconvenience caused and I hope they also pay generously towards urgent repairs and the upkeep of the property.

Unfortunately if certain individuals don’t start treating John and his property with the respect he deserves soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if John eventually decides to close The Ram to visitors completely as he can only take so much abuse.

(John Humphries showing us around the barn which is used as a store room)

‘Most Haunted’s Alleged Spirit Attack Filmed At The Ram – My Opinion

I don’t usually trust the evidence obtained by the Living TV programme, ‘Most Haunted’ as they often in my opinion make a paranormal investigation appear far more exciting than it really is to increase viewing figures and ultimately their ratings. On a genuine paranormal investigation, sometimes nothing can happen for hours or even throughout an entire investigation if the team is very unlucky even in the most reputedly haunted locations.

I will note however the one of the ‘Most Haunted’ crew named Stuart allegedly got punched very hard in the stomach in the barn area of The Ram where he was apparently violently pushed back onto the floor. The attack allegedly continued as the rest of the team carried a very shocked Stuart out of the building. It’s impossible to tell 100% if the incident was completely genuine without actually being in the location at the time and without knowing Stuart personally, but it certainly appears real and as far as I know Stuart hadn’t done this kind of thing before. When I visited the Ram, I felt a pain in the chest and my friend reported also feeling a punch that hurt him, numerous other visitors are also reporting very similar violent activity. The owner himself, John has even reported being thrown as well as witnessing other people being lifted up and thrown too. I doubt very much is every single report of this violent activity is false, plus I explicitly trust my friend’s and John’s account.

To watch this episode of ‘Most Haunted’ in 5 parts on YouTube, please see:

Watch Part 1
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Watch Part 4 (Stuart was allegedly punched towards the end of this part.)
Watch Part 5 (Starts with Stuart being carried outside after allegedly being attacked.)

(External links tested on the 7th September 2009. This video remains copyright of Living TV and isn’t therefore hosted on this website.)


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Comment from admin
Time September 11, 2009 at 2:27 am Twitter

I’ve been carefully checking through my digital recordings for possible EVP and so far have come across some very interesting noises that sound like voices that I cannot explain. Watch out for the next part soon.


Comment from admin
Time October 5, 2009 at 3:15 am Twitter

Sorry for the delay with the next part – I’ll be working on it soon, but I’ve been a little bogged down.

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