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Bad Credit? E-Platinum Plus Card Warning!

16 October, 2009 (05:35) | Uncategorized | By: admin


Please read this article BEFORE even thinking about paying £79.95 upfront for the E-Platinum plus card as it’s NOT as it first appears and IT’S NOTHING LIKE A PLATINUM CREDIT CARD!

The E-Platinum Plus card is certainly very cleverly marketed and is exclusively for residents living in the UK. It is issued by a company named, “E-Credit Plus™ Shopping” who run a credit shopping catalogue at http://www.ecreditcatalogue.co.uk. With the card they claim to offer 0% APR, a guaranteed approval with no credit checks and a quote, “credit line of £5000″ with increases available. Their card homepage is titled, “get the credit you deserve” and they go on to quote, “receive all of the privileges of platinum with the E-Platinum Plus Card!”. It all sounds too good to be true for someone who can’t normally get credit easily, but it is in my opinion purposely deceptive and horribly tempting for people on low incomes and/or with a bad credit history. Notice they quote, “all the privileges of platinum” which means virtually nothing as it’s NOT, “all the privileges of a platinum card”. I’ve actually read about real people who have been fooled into thinking they’re paying for a platinum credit card who are calling it a scam. Also notice that they use quote, “credit line”, which isn’t the same as a credit limit. They may charge 0% APR, but there’s no mention of all the other fees that they charge instead while also making massive profits at your expense by charging high prices for the only products you are really allowed to buy using your £79.95 card.

UPDATE 20/09/10 – They’ve modified and simplified their home page since the original time of writing. They now advertise a smaller “£2,500 Credit Line” which is halved and some of the misguided wording has been removed including the quote, “all the privileges of platinum”. These advertising changes are probably due to complaints where people have wrongfully believed that the card is similar to a platinum credit card. I’m pleased to see these changes, but I’d like to see them go even further as in my opinion there will still be some people who will wrongfully assume they’re applying for a platinum credit card without firstly reading their terms and conditions thoroughly. Apart from the halved credit line, the card itself is exactly the same!

My article reveals the real E-Platinum Plus Card and also includes my personal opinions on the product. The real information about the card is also detailed in their terms and conditions (UPDATED AS LINK CHANGED: 4th Nov 2010) which unfortunately most people fail to read, instead they fall for the marketing hype that confuses them to believe they’re getting similar to a platinum credit card and are then later shocked to find what they’ve really let themselves in for after paying for the privilege. Unlike the front page of their website, the terms & conditions are in fact clear and aren’t deceptive in any way if only people would choose to read them. These terms and conditions protect the organisation from any legal action by dissatisfied customers as they will always bring them to the customer’s attention if you they attempt to complain about being mislead. In short, always read the terms and conditions very carefully before buying any financial product even if they are long and laborious, otherwise you might well be very sorry.

Incidentally, they do have an affiliate program, so expect some very good biased reviews.



Firstly to get an E-Platinum plus card, there’s an upfront fee of £79.95 when signing up on the official site at http://www.e-platinumplus.co.uk/, but if you’re unlucky enough to sign up at http://rt.e-platinumplus.co.uk/ instead, it costs £99.95 as you’re obviously giving £20 to a middle man.

Be warned that if your initial payment of £79.95 fails to go through properly, they can choose to attempt to take £39.95 instead by direct debit at the earliest opportunity. The £39.95 card will have a much reduced £1250 credit line (NOT a credit limit). They state in the terms and conditions that they won’t be responsible for any bank charges because of this, so be warned as many banks charge £30+ for failed direct debits. This is in my opinion very sneaky and wrong as if the original transaction fails at £79.95, the person may not want to spend half the amount for a quarter of the spending limits (UPDATE 20/09/2010 – The standard credit line is now only £2,500 instead of £5,000 as before).

Out of the £79.95 upfront cost, £65.95 is the enrolment fee, while £14.00 is the application fee. The application fee is normally never refundable unless you cancel during the legal UK mandatory cooling off period of 14 days, but you must cancel in writing and I recommend you use recorded signed for mail.

I suspect you actually discover exactly what products you can really buy with your card and the likely extortionate prices after the 14 day period, but conveniently by this time it’s impossible to claim back your entire fee and it’s also very awkward. You can choose to cancel after 14 days, but within 30 days, but you will lose your £14 application fee and your account must be settled in full while all your documents and card is returned. If you choose to cancel during this period, you must read the small print of the agreement very carefully as not complying precisely could invalidate your cancellation. You must obtain a “Return Authorisation number” first from the company before returning all your documents. In my opinion the cancellation procedure is designed to catch many people out and if your cancellation becomes invalid, you probably won’t realise until it’s far too late to attempt another cancellation. You’re normally held to a 12 month contract after 30 days and you will then have to pay the monthly fees for at least this period.

In short, my advice is ideally don’t pay anything or certainly don’t pay a significant amount up front to get credit. If you have to pay a lot of money up front to get credit, then it’s usually an extremely bad deal or in some cases it’s even a con or scam to trap people with low credit ratings who can’t get credit using normal reputable channels. If you can’t get credit using the normal channels, then I strongly recommend you do without. The E-Platinum card isn’t really a scam, it’s just a poor and misleading deal in my opinion, but there are some awful scams out there that charge money up front for so called credit. A friend of mine with a bad credit history once paid a different company for what he thought was a guaranteed credit card acceptance, instead he was offered a My Cash Plus prepaid card after paying about £40 for the privilege. Anyone can buy a My Cash Plus prepaid card for £9.95 with no credit checks and there’s a guaranteed acceptance as it’s not really a credit card at all. He complained, but never got his money back, so please be warned of similar.


The card claims to have a 0% APR that is fixed forever, yet instead of paying interest you have to pay other fees instead as well as your £79.95 up front fee.

There’s a £4.95 a month maintenance fee which works out at another £59.40 a year. If you account is inactive, you have to pay another £9.95 a year.

There’s a reasonable £5 charge for a late payment (about the only reasonable thing I’ve seen with this card in my opinion).


You have to earn the right to a cash advance by first purchasing items from the catalogue. You are then allowed to have a cash advance up to 50% of the total item purchases which is added to your balance and paid back in the same way. This is the only real perk of having this card, but in my opinion it’s just not worth it as you’re likely to have already spent close to the cash advance in extra costs for the over priced items, not to mention the rest of the fees. If you are charged say £500 for an item, you could have a cash advance of £250 which you will have to pay back, but if the item is £300 in the shops, you would have had £200 to spare from £500 anyway which is almost the cash advance offered in the first place.


With most genuine credit cards at the time of writing you can pay a minimum of 3% of your balance a month in the UK. With the Platinum Plus Card, the minimum monthly payment is 15% of your balance or £12.50 whichever is the greater. This minimum amount is 5 times higher than most genuine credit cards. If you owe less than £12.50, then you must pay off the final balance in full. What’s worse is unlike credit cards, the minimum monthly payment doesn’t reduce as your balance is paid off according to the terms and conditions, so if you owe £150, you will have to make 10 x £15 payments. Paying a lot more a month isn’t always a disadvantage as it forces you to pay off your debt quicker and you are less likely to get into as much debt. It however works out much better for the company as quicker payments vastly reduce their cost of providing the credit which increases their profits even more.


The Platinum Plus Card is NOT a Mastercard or Visa card, it’s certainly NOT a platinum credit card or anything even the slightest bit like it, in fact it’s not really a credit card at all. Instead applicants are really signing up as a member of a credit catalogue company as the ONLY products you can purchase with the card are the products they choose to offer you at the expensive prices they decide, apart from indirect purchases if you later apply for a cash advance. The card itself is really just a membership card as it’s not really physically required to make these purchases.


As I said above, you can only buy the products they choose to offer using your card. Before signing up, you can’t even see examples of the prices you will be actually paying for these products, so they can choose to charge what they like and you can be almost certain that the prices will be very high and not in the slightest bit competitive as otherwise they would surely be shown upfront. So with very expensive overpriced products, one could say that a very high APR is included in the price along with all their other fees, but officially it isn’t and they can continue advertising 0% APR. The company is really onto a winner, they charge expensive joining fees and other fees, then they make an enormous profit on any products they choose to offer. If you don’t like the prices, you still lose your expensive membership fees, plus any monthly charges so far and it’s very debatable whether you will see the catalogue prices in time to cancel using the 14 day cooling off period.


If you get into too much debt or your circumstances change for the worse, how understanding will the company be? Well it’s not always the case, but most companies that lend to people with low incomes and/or with a poor credit history have harsher methods to reclaim back any unpaid balances and are less understanding when people get into difficulties that are often of no fault of their own. I cannot however say that E-Credit Plus Shopping will be any more difficult to deal with than for instance a high street bank as I haven’t had any personal experience.

According to the terms and conditions, the company has a security interest in the items until the balance is paid in full, this means that they’re likely to try and reclaim their goods on non payment.


Okay, after understanding everything about this card, there’s a small chance you may still wish to get one, if so please visit:




If you are in receipt of Income Support, income based Job Seeker’s Allowance, income based Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit you may be entitled to an interest free Budgeting Loan from the Social Fund. To apply, please click here. There’s no credit checks.

Alternatively if you are claiming any of the above benefits, you may in some circumstances be eligible for a community care grant, you don’t have to pay these back, for more details please click here.

If applying for a budgeting loan, please ensure you can easily afford the repayments which are normally taken directly from your benefits. Always ensure you are completely honest when filling out any benefits applications including Budgeting Loans or Community Care Grants, or indeed any credit application as knowingly falsifying any information is a criminal offence.

Please also read the comments below this article for advise on the following:
(Updated 26/04/2010)

1) Time Scales for Money From The Social Fund.
2) Obtaining Emergency Crisis Loans from the Social Fund.
3) Cancelling your E-Platinum plus card within 14 days or within 30 days (further help).
4) The Incapacity Benefit Stinger where people are often excluded from help in a loophole.
5) Poor credit history credit cards (credit building credit cards) and what you can do even if you’re refused these.


The purpose of this document is NOT to offer financial advise and we are NOT financial advisor’s or qualified in this field in any way or form, for any financial advise we strongly recommend you contact a professional independent advisor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

This article is without prejudice to E-Platinum Plus. The purpose of this article is to do no harm. The article is a personal opinion only and shouldn’t be taken as definite fact.

PJCNET will not be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect actions of a anyone through the information included in the article. Entering a credit agreement is solely the persons responsibility and is entirely at their own risk.

My full legal disclaimer applies to this article, any comments and all other articles on this website.

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Comment from admin
Time October 31, 2009 at 4:03 am Twitter

Time Scales for Money From The Social Fund:

For people on a low income, both budgeting loans and community care grants from the social fund are supposed to take 10 working days from receipt to get a decision, but in reality it can take much longer, especially for community care grants. Crisis loans (see below for more details) usually take a maximum of 2 days.

(My friend got a decision recently on his Budgeting Loan within a 10 working days, but got told he could wait 6 weeks for a community care grant, so they don’t always stick to these time scales!)

Emergency Crisis Loans:
Getting blood out of a stone can sometimes be easier!

If you desperately need money in a genuine emergency, you can apply for a crisis loan and a decision is sometimes made on the same day if you apply early enough. If you’re very lucky you might even be able to collect your crisis loan payment later on the day of application from your local Job Centre, although it shouldn’t normally take longer than 2 working days.

Anyone can apply for a crisis loan and they are even apparently available to people who aren’t technically claiming benefits, but I’ve never heard of anyone working actually getting one unless it’s of-course an unpaid voluntary position.

WARNING – Please don’t ever rely on getting a crisis loan as the benefits agency can use numerous excuses not to pay it and you could be shocked to be refused even if you really are in dire need, with this in mind, I strongly advise people to try and save money for emergencies even if it’s only a small amount! If for instance you’ve not long been paid and you’ve overspent, even if you haven’t got any food, the benefits agency will see this as your fault and usually won’t pay out. If you’ve had a previous crisis loan before within a certain time, it’s much harder to get another as specific crisis loan reasons are only paid once in a certain period of time. If you still owe money from a previous crisis loan, they rarely pay again, an exception is if you’ve been waiting weeks for your first benefit payment without anything to live on. If you’re expecting to get your next benefit payment within 4 days, they also rarely pay as they expect you to wait until then instead even if you have no food. I knew someone who was waiting for his first benefit payment and got refused a crisis loan because of the 4 day rule, but because of ongoing delays, he still wasn’t paid his first benefit payment within the 4 days as expected and when he then applied for a crisis loan again explaining the delays, he still got refused for the same reason as then he was still expecting his first payment within 4 days, so the decision makers can be very harsh. If you live in a hostel or similar where some meals are provided, they often refuse even if you’re only receiving 2 meals a day as they say this 2 meals a day is enough to survive. They will often try to advise you to borrow from family or friends instead of paying if you don’t insist there’s no way anyone else will help. To get a crisis loan, you often have to really argue your case and the decision maker will want to be satisfied that you really can’t survive without it. Please be aware that the number of applications for crisis loans increases near Christmas and the benefits agency are well aware that many are really just for Christmas presents instead of for a genuine crisis. Because of this they therefore refuse a higher percentage of applicants near Christmas, so applying this time of year is even harder.

Crisis loans are only for living essentials including basic food and warmth (gas or electric), or if you can prove that you or your family will be put at serious risk without it. You could be eligible if you are a victim of crime, E.g. if your benefits have been stolen, although you will need a crime number and please remember that falsely reporting crime could lead to criminal prosecution, the police aren’t stupid and neither are the benefits agency. A very good genuine reason for a crisis loan is having no money what-so-ever for food or heating while still waiting for a benefit decision. You might possibly get a crisis loan if you’re about to be evicted from your rented property due to arrears, but you will need proof and if the problem is your fault, you won’t normally be eligible. Even being on thrown out onto the street won’t necessarily make you eligible for a crisis loan. In short if you have food, warmth and aren’t in any immediate danger where money could resolve the issue, you’re not eligible for a crisis loan even if you haven’t got 1p to your name. The decision makers for crisis loans stick to the book, they have to be cold and harsh without feeling personally for any of the applicants. In my opinion, leaving people in desperate situations where they really have no food could force them to commit crime.

If you do get a crisis loan, don’t expect it to be for much as you only usually get only enough JUST to survive with cheap food until your next regular payment. Remember that you have to pay crisis loans back although there’s no interest charges, normally directly out of your benefits in instalments.

If you’re refused a crisis loan, you can appeal by writing to your Job Centre telling them within 28 days of the decision why you think the decision is wrong. If you’re still unhappy, you can ask for a review from by a Social Fund Inspector and this decision shouldn’t take more than 12 working days. The problem is, if you are genuinely in dire need of a crisis loan at the time of appeal, it doesn’t rectify your short term situation and often by the time you get a review decision, your crisis is over as you’d have received your next regular payment. Because of this, in my opinion the appeal process should be processed the same day.

The Incapacity Benefit Stinger – Excluded from Help!

Wrongfully in my opinion, people on Incapacity Benefit even though on very low income don’t qualify for either Community Care Grants or Budgeting Loans, this is because Incapacity Benefit isn’t income based (even wealthy people could claim), although these people could have absolutely nothing in the bank and still wouldn’t be considered no matter what their needs are. This can be terrible when such people can’t even get help furnishing an empty property that they’ve just moved into, not even for simple basics like a mattress, bed, fridge or cooker. They usually end up relying on charities having to get 2nd hand cheap and tatty furniture that no-one wants, but even charities usually charge something for their furniture and they still help people on Income Support Etc who usually claim their Community Care Grant too. In fact people on Incapacity Benefit fall into a negative loophole where they can be forced to pay for many things that people earning have to pay including some Council Tax and medical prescriptions, this often makes them much worse off than someone on Income Support or Employment Support Allowance. People on Incapacity Benefit do get slightly more money than people on Income Support, but they usually get slightly less Housing Benefit and this means they have to pay a rent contribution, this alone can take away the little extra money they claim. People are on Incapacity Benefit because they used to work, but often these people wish they didn’t as they’d be a lot better off. This problem will be resolved when everyone is transferred soon to the new Employment Support Allowance where most people should be transferred by the end of 2010. Employment Support Allowance can be non income based or income based depending on your savings and if you have little savings, everyone will be entitled to apply for grants and loans. Employment Support Allowance replaces Income Support and Incapacity Benefit and is designed to be more oriented to help support people back into work. Will the new benefit be fair? Well, that’s another debate, but I strongly suspect that many mistakes will be made causing an injustice to some people who are simply too ill to get back into work or where their disabilities haven’t been fully understood.


Comment from admin
Time December 20, 2009 at 7:59 am Twitter




If you have already brought this card and require a full refund, you have a legal 14 day cooling off period and additionally a 30 day trial period but follow section 15 of their terms and conditions very carefully as it in my opinion is designed so many people will make a mistake, if you don’t follow it exactly you can almost guarantee that you won’t get your refund! Please note that section 15-B refers to your 14 day legal cooling off period and section 15-A is if you wish to cancel within the 30 day trial period after the 14 day cooling off period has expired.


Comment from admin
Time February 12, 2010 at 4:08 am Twitter

Poor Credit History Credit Cards: (As of the 12/02/10)

If you have a bad credit history and you desperately still want a genuine credit card, then you’ll unfortunately have to go for a card with a much higher interest rate than competitive credit cards. The following cards are poor credit history friendly and also help improve your credit history over time as long of your account stays in good standing throughout the term:

Vanquis Card – Extremely high APR at typical 39.9% (but it can be even higher at up to an extortionately high 47.9% APR if you’re thought of as a higher credit risk) with a credit limit starting as low as £250, but from past experience it’s probably the easiest credit card to get with a poor credit history, they even consider people on benefits or low income.

Capital One Classic Card – Very high APR at a typical 34.9% with a credit limit starting as low as £200, but from my experience it’s the 2nd easiest card to be accepted with a poor credit history with a slightly lower APR than the Vanquis Card.

Aqua Card – Very high APR at a typical 35.9% with credit limits up to £2,200, but even though it’s advertised as a card that considers people on benefits as well as people with past credit problems Etc, from personal experience they’re not as lenient as the cards above to accept people with a poor credit history, but this can obviously vary depending on personal circumstances.

The Provident Money Card (I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS CARD!!!) – This is a debit card where you’re given access to a loan of up to £300 to spend by withdrawing cash at an ATM or shopping over the Internet, it’s not classed as a credit card at all and you can’t ever go over your limit. The payments are collected weekly by a doorstep collector. What’s absolutely scandalous is the APR at an incredibly ridiculous 272.2% APR, yes you have read it correctly at 272.2% APR, hence why I strongly urge people to avoid this card like the plague. In my opinion, Provident Personal Credit pray on desperate and sometimes vulnerable people, usually with low income who have a dire credit history as they usually can’t hope to get credit anywhere else, forcing them to pay ’stupid’ amounts of interest in return. Their massive interest rate charges are in fact many times that of competitive lending interest rates and are around 6-7 times the APR even of credit building credit cards. The people who end of paying these absolutely extortionate interest charges are usually the very people who can least afford to do so. Provident Personal Credit and similar companies that offer doorstep loans at extreme interest rates are the closest legal thing to a loan shark in my opinion and are in fact very controversial in the credit industry as many experts continue to campaign for new stricter regulations to restrict this type of doorstep lending and similar.

NOTE: If you have a really poor credit history and you manage to get approved for one of the credit cards above (the Provident money card doesn’t count as it’s not a credit card), you will probably start off with a very low minimum credit limit, but this can usually be increased over time if you keep your account in perfect order for a while, paying off at least the minimum payment on time every time without fail. If you keep a credit account such as this in perfect order for at least 6 months (but the longer the better obviously), it will substantially increase your credit worthiness, possibly allowing you to get a better credit card deal in future. Remember that future creditors want to see proof that you are responsible enough to manage your credit well enough to reliably pay creditors off within the terms of their credit agreement over a reasonable period of time.

What if I’m Refused Even Credit Building Credit Cards?

If you don’t even get accepted for any credit building credit cards as detailed in the paragraph above, you will need to build your credit history up in other ways first if you still want a credit card or other credit in future. In a brief summary, if you have outstanding debts, then making regular payments will obviously really help or even setting up an IVA and sticking to the payments is much better than not paying them off at all for your credit history. Not even attempting to pay off debts at all really destroys your credit worthiness for years to come (up to 6 years) and they can escalate to defaults or worse still CCJs (County Court Judgements), would you lend to someone who you know is refusing to pay back other people? Keeping any credit accounts what-so-ever against your name can help if they’re kept in good standing, even billing accounts like a home phone can help to some extent. Ensure you’re on the electoral role too if possible too as this also helps. Keeping a bank account in order also significantly helps and so does keeping a steady job if this is possible that pays regularly into this account. If you can’t get a full current account at this time, then keep a basic bank account in good standing instead with direct debits as anyone can get one of these accounts with from various high street banks, then later speak to the same bank about upgrading to a current account in the future. If you’ve got your foot in the door with a bank, you stand a better chance of obtaining other services with them, but I recommend asking in the branch if possible as staff face to face can sometimes pull strings. Once you have a current account, keep this in good order, then apply for a credit building credit card again around 6 months later.

Alternatively you could just decide to go for a prepaid credit card instead of a credit card altogether.


Comment from tarajanes
Time July 29, 2010 at 8:22 am

Please help im trying to cancel the e-platinum card we purchased in error few mins ago.however after ringing customer services and being put on hold for over half an hour we had no joy,how can I stop it immediately.


Comment from admin
Time August 9, 2010 at 2:45 am Twitter


WARNING: Please ensure you follow the instructions exactly or you will probably receive nothing, especially if you’re claiming after 14 days, but within 30 days and I recommend you send all correspondence by recorded signed for delivery or even special delivery as otherwise they could deny receiving it!

To Cancel within 14 days:

(RECOMMENDED if you’ve signed up)

This is quoted from their terms and conditions (UPDATED AS LINK CHANGED: 4th Nov 2010): “You have the right to cancel this agreement under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. This right to cancel ends on the expiry of fourteen calendar days beginning with the day after the agreement is concluded. You can cancel by sending or taking a WRITTEN notice of cancellation to, 2 Minton Place, Victoria Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6QB United Kingdom. If you intend to cancel, you should not use any goods you have under the agreement and you should keep them safe (legal action may be taken against you if you do not take proper care of them).”

To Cancel After 14 Days But Before 30 Days:

If it’s been longer than 14 days, but within 30 days, please see the terms and conditions section 15 as you can still cancel and get most of your money back, but I cannot stress enough that you have to follow their terms and conditions EXACTLY or you will most probably receive absolutely nothing and by the time you realise your mistake it will be too late to reclaim! They appear to be doing to on purpose to confuse people so they have an excuse not to refund, even though this is in my opinion morally wrong, they are legally getting away with this and are most likely making a considerably larger profit by refusing refunds to these unfortunate people who haven’t quite followed their instructions perfectly.


Comment from tonyuk123
Time November 16, 2011 at 9:26 am Twitter

Yesterday i received an email about this card offering £2500 at 0% for life
today (16/11/2011) i received a second email offering £5000 at 0% for life
so the start credit whatever varies depending how long you wait


Comment from Mundaytrev
Time November 22, 2011 at 9:14 am

E-Platinum use affiliate networks quite heavily so if you are on a marketing email list, look out for their offers. They usually push quite hard before Christmas and design campaigns around “easy ways to get gadgets” etc, but as noted above all you get to do is pay upfront to shop from their list of products. The use of “platinum” is a pure misnomer to associate the product with a higher benefit credit card, but is meaningless in this context.

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