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Harrassed By Unwanted Marketing Calls (UK)!

25 May, 2010 (02:35) | Uncategorized | By: admin

Unwanted Telephone Calls
(This above image is from a website article titled, “Reverse Phone Number Look up – The easy way to Stop Unwanted Phone Calls” at http://hubpages.com/hub/Reverse-Phone-Number-Look-Ups)


I keep receiving unwanted marketing calls from 0843 27640xx, where the last 2 digits (xx) changes for each call, E.g. calls from 0843 2764004 or 0843 2764013 for example. These very annoying phone calls occur randomly at any time throughout the day and sometimes it wakes me up on days that I sleep in. Notice that the phone number starts with 0843, this means that if anyone calls back, the number is excluded from any free call plans and is always chargeable from both landlines and mobiles. It’s also very likely that the owner of these numbers are in fact making a cut out of these returned phone calls including when people press 1471 followed by 3 to call back, which in my opinion is a kick in the teeth when it’s an unwanted marketing call. When calling back you simply get a recorded message saying that you received a telemarketing call and that they will call you back when and if necessary in the future, you then get the chance to leave a recorded message so you can be removed from the system, BUT YOU NEVER ARE REMOVED AS PROMISED (from personal experience)! The recorded message also states that you can join the Telephone Preference Service to stop unwanted marketing calls like this – more about this later, but registering with this service DOESN’T STOP THESE UNWANTED CALLS (also from personal experience)!

The masses of unwanted marketing calls have one thing in common, when I answer I always receive a recorded message from the same voice that boasts about a service that they’re trying to sell on this particular occasion, E.g. a service to write off credit card debts, a service to manage other debts, a will making service, a service to help claiming back mis-sold insurance protection and so on. I normally have to press 5 to speak to an operator or you’re supposed to be-able to press 9 to delete your telephone number from their system, although from personal experience THIS NEVER EVER WORKS! On speaking to an operator they always immediately start their sales pitch to attempt to sell you the service offered at this particular time. When asking to have my phone number removed they either hang up or they tell you that your number is now removed from the system, BUT IT NEVER EVER IS REMOVED AND THE UNWANTED ONSLAUGHT OF CALLS CONTINUES NO MATTER WHAT (again from personal experience)! I’ve asked on numerous occasions to no avail to get them to stop calling me repeatedly nearly every day randomly. On complaining the operator usually gets extremely rude or immediately hangs up and will rarely help in the slightest. The last operator I spoke to was extremely rude for instance after I explained that I’d asked them not to call me at least 25 times already, he simply told me that he hadn’t got any time to waste talking to me about sh*t before hanging up, THIS IS EXTREMELY UNREASONABLE WHEN THEY ARE THE ONES THAT KEEP CALLING ME REPEATEDLY AGAINST MY EXPRESS WISH!

Whether it’s purposeful or not, this marketing company has tracked me down to two different addresses with three different phone numbers and no matter what I say or do, they won’t stop calling me! I moved home only few months ago at the time of writing and had a brand new phone number set-up with Virgin Media, but within just a few days the onslaught of unwanted phone calls from exactly the same marketing company started all over again. I recently asked Virgin Media for help and they changed my phone number to attempt to stop them repeatedly calling me, but within just 1 day the onslaught of calls started yet again on a brand new telephone number. It’s now extremely inconvenient that I’ve got to tell everyone that I deal with my new phone number and it’s all for nothing, caused entirely because of this marketing company’s relentless abuse which has now become harassment. When I explained the current situation to the last sales operator I spoke to after receiving yet another very annoying and unwanted call, I got told that I was lying, he then became even more rude before finally hanging up as usual. The only people that knew my new phone number at this time was myself and of course Virgin Media. Are Virgin Media wrongfully selling customer telephone information without their knowledge or consent to very dodgy telemarketing companies like this one? Perhaps the telemarketing company is just using a random autodialler which is of-course against all UK regulations? It’s a mystery how this awful company keeps tracking me down so quickly, but the problem is now beyond a joke. Either way this terrible marketing company needs to be thoroughly investigated and in my opinion should be put out of business for malpractice and repeated blatant breaches of UK telephone regulations.

I joined the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) at my old accommodation and new. Registering is supposed to stop unsolicited telemarketing calls after 28 days as marketing companies that operate within the law are supposed to honour the fact that a person registered with this service wishes NOT to receive telemarketing calls. Obviously this marketing company isn’t reasonable and they are clearly prepared to operate illegally against all UK regulations as registering with the Telephone Preference Service has never made the slightest difference to this relentless telemarketing organisation who still continue to repeatedly and randomly call me throughout each day.

One can complain to the Telephone Preference Service and The Information Commissioner, but I really need to know the name of the offending telemarketing company in question. Unfortunately each time I receive an unwanted marketing call there is no mention of this company name who are obviously going out of their way to keep their name a secret so they can’t easily be reported for their blatant repeated breaches of UK telephone regulations. Each operator I speak to denies all knowledge of the telemarketing company in question. When I pretend to be interested in the service they’re selling, they usually then tell me the name of their particular company, although this changes on each call along with each different service offered. Each company I speak to appears to be simply a particular client of this very dodgy telemarketing company who they pay for telephone leads, although the leads are clearly obtained wrongfully and against all UK regulations. On one occasion I actually managed to complain to the operator without them hanging up for a while, but this particular operator denied breaking any UK telephone regulations as they said it was the first time that their particular company had actually called me (acting like the innocent party), even though I had received masses of calls from exactly the same dodgy telemarketing company with the same person speaking on the recorded sales message each time with various different services offered by their clients. Maybe their clients are oblivious to the telephone regulation breaches? Well I strongly doubt that individual client companies are entirely innocent judging by their abrupt and very unhelpful way they ignore complaints, they surely must know exactly what’s going on here. It’s useful to keep the names of the client companies, but I really need to somehow find out the name of the offending telemarketing company itself as they’re obviously by far the biggest offender.

It’s even more scandalous that this telephone marketing company is purposely varying the phone number they call on as this makes it harder to block calls from certain numbers when they keep changing it, it’s also harder when making complaints as they normally investigate just one number and I may have only received 1 phone call from one specific number even though in total I’ve received absolute masses. In fact I’m now receiving so many unwanted calls that it’s become criminal harassment, especially after changing my phone number twice and taking every measure possible to stop them calling me.

I am now logging all these unwanted phone calls along with times, dates, names of these companies and the exact number they’re using to call me from each time so to build up a large complaint against them to the Telephone Preference Service and The Information Commissioner which is advised as the next cause of action. I’m trying to think of a way to find out the name of the actual offending telemarketing company as they seriously need to be investigated, but I’m also hoping that if I keep detailed logs that there will be enough evidence for the official ombudsman to track down the culprit in future. Maybe they could trace one or all of the 0843 numbers they use as the these will almost certainly be owned by the dodgy marketing company itself.

As well as making logs, I’m also updating and checking Who Calls Me for information which might eventually lead me to the actual dodgy marketing company itself. Who Calls Me a free on-line international reverse phone number checker where people log on the system details they know about each number they’ve received.

This illegally operated telemarketing company and perhaps it’s clients needs to be investigated and punished appropriately for operating outside UK phone regulations as they’re now bordering on committing criminal harassment. I strongly urge anyone who receives these marketing calls or similar not to purchase any offers sold because companies that commit abuse in this manner and treat people who complain about it like a piece of dirt cannot be trusted in my opinion, also they don’t deserve to make money from this malpractice – please don’t support them!


Legal Disclaimer

The article above and any comments are without prejudice to Virgin Media or any other organisation. There is no clear evidence to suggest that Virgin Media have committed any sort of malpractice regarding the issue mentioned in the article. The article is opinionated and this shouldn’t be treated as definite fact. I describe accounts from my own personal experience, but this doesn’t mean that other people will also experience the same problems as described. Although PJCNET has tried to make the article as accurate as possible, we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made. I have used an image from http://hubpages.com/hub/Reverse-Phone-Number-Look-Ups at the top of this article and I’ve informed the owner appropriately, I will however remove the image immediately on their request. This article, any comments and all other articles on this website are covered by our full legal disclaimer.

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