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Win The Lottery With a New Secret Formula – Totally Free!

19 June, 2010 (03:44) | Uncategorized | By: admin


There are various people making money out of selling a lottery winning secret formula or very similar, in fact there’s even books and various Ebooks written about the subject.

Do any of these so called amazing winning formulas really work? Are you really going to get rich from using them?

The answer is normally NO to both, well not unless you happen to be very lucky anyway! As a person who knows basic probability, mathematics and statistics, there’s no effective formula to winning the lottery jackpot, although you can modify the odds slightly and you can increase your chances of winning more money if you did win as I’ll explain later.

It’s a FACT that the lottery numbers drawn are totally and utterly random, they cannot be predicted and there’s no sequence or run of numbers to watch out for from week to week because THE LOTTERY BALLS HAVE NO PREVIOUS MEMORY. Each number has exactly the same chance of being drawn out each week and the results from previous draws have absolutely no effect on the current weeks numbers drawn. Even though this is an absolute fact, various individuals still continue to successfully convince people that they can reliably predict future lottery results based on previous statistics taken over a long period of time, often promising big wins within weeks which is most certainly a scam. Trying to Predict totally random lottery balls is very similar to repeatedly throwing a standard 6 sided dice, trying to predict the next number based on previous numbers rolled even though it’s also totally random. Each number on a dice has exactly a 1 in 6 chance of being rolled each time no matter what has already been rolled in the past, assuming that the dice is perfectly formed and it’s thrown correctly as talented people can sometimes cheat throwing dice with lots of practice. There’s no other mathematical probability to be taken into account when throwing a standard dice properly other than this simple 1 in 6 chance and no complex formulae can be used to predict future rolls. You could have rolled the dice 10 times and every single roll could be the number 6 (this is a 1 in 60466176 chance which is 6 to the power of 10), yet on the 11th throw you still have an equal 1 in 6 chance of throwing yet another 6 or any other number as THE DICE HAS NO PREVIOUS MEMORY. Similarly in the Lottery, the chances of drawing exactly the same numbers as the previous week’s draw is exactly the same as the chance of any other combination of numbers being drawn. In the main UK National Lottery 6 numbers are drawn between 1 and 49. You might also say that 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 will never even be drawn in the UK, well yes, it’s extremely unlikely, but the chances of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 being drawn are exactly the same as any other set of numbers, although these numbers are surprisingly very popular and if you did choose these numbers and won the jackpot, you’d be forced to share your winnings with around 10,000 people, so I don’t recommend choosing them. These facts might make people realise just how unlikely it really is to win the lottery jackpot. The odds are heavily stacked up against you and therefore no-one should see the chance of winning the jackpot as a serious likelihood as it’s almost certainly going to leave them bitterly disappointed. If you do play the lottery anywhere in the World, do it for a bit of fun and if you do happen to win something, see it as a bonus, but don’t expect to win anything.

How To Identify When Gambling Becomes A Problem?

If the money you spend on lottery tickets is enough to cause a change of plan due to the losing the money wagered, then you’re spending too much as the bet is controlling your life, this could be said of any gambling. For instance, if you plan to go out for a meal, but have to cancel due to losing money gambling, then gambling has become a problem in your life and it’s very important that you spot and admit this to yourself before it becomes too much of a problem as gambling can quickly ruin and start controlling your entire life very easily. Gambling is very addictive and can become like a narcotic drug.

For further help and advice on gambling addiction, please visit:

Gamblers Anonymous (USA – Numerous local meet-up groups & advice)

The National Council on Problem Gambling (USA – Includes 24HR helpline & advice)

Gamblers Anonymous (UK – Numerous local meet-up groups & advice)

GamCare (UK – Includes 8am-2am helpline and live on-line counselling)

…or search for “gambling help” in your Country.

How Can I Influence The Odds Playing The National Lottery?

I will use the UK National Lottery as an example where 6 numbers are drawn between 1 and 49 along with a bonus ball which increases your winnings significantly if you match 5 numbers and the bonus ball. Similar methods can be modified slightly and applied to most lotteries.

If you buy just 1 lottery ticket, then you cannot increase your chances of winning the lottery no matter what numbers you choose as each number drawn is totally random as I’ve already explained, but you can increase the amount you’ll win if your numbers are drawn. When you match 3 numbers in the UK, you are given £10, you cannot influence this, but if you match 4 numbers or more, the amount you’re awarded varies depending on how many other winners there are out of the number of tickets sold. If you pick a set of numbers that less other people have chosen, then you’ll win more if your numbers do come up. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to choose unpopular numbers as there’s numerous other people around attempting to do just that and you’ll be constantly trying to 2nd guess them from week to week. Saying this I understand that choosing numbers on the edge of the game card are slightly less popular and 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 are chosen by around 10,000 people each week, so avoid them and other similar runs. 46 was the least popular number while 7 was the most popular about 10+ years ago, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 are also said to be popular, but all this might have changed.

If you only buy a lottery ticket on roll overs, you are getting better value for money as many people will have already paid towards the jackpot during the previous week and you won’t have to, even though you’ll have exactly the same chance of winning a larger jackpot during the roll over week. During a roll over, you could try choosing exactly the same numbers as the previous week as these numbers have exactly the same chance of appearing again as any other set of numbers and no-one had all 6 of these numbers the previous week. It’s possible that most people won’t see the numbers repeating as a possible chance, but it’s also very possible that lots of people could have also thought of the same idea, especially if masses of people read this article. This is just one example of how it’s extremely difficult to 2nd guess other players.

If you buy more than one ticket, then you can effectively change the odds of winning by varying the likely prize based on your stake:

Example 1) If you for instance buy 4 lottery tickets where each ticket has completely different numbers, you have 4 times as much chance of winning the jackpot as buying 1 ticket. You’ll have the best chance of winning something, but if you win something on one ticket, you won’t win on another unless you get 2 tickets with 3 numbers on them where you’d win £20. In summary, you are betting £4 to increase your chances of winning by 4 times.

Example 2) If you buy 4 lottery tickets and you choose exactly the same numbers on each, you’ve got exactly the same chance of winning as buying just 1 lottery ticket, but if you do win, you’ll win up to 4 times as much. If you won the jackpot however, you’ll take away 4 shares of the winnings, but if you’re the only winner, you’ll still take away the same prize (all of the jackpot), so in a way having identical tickets is slightly poorer value for money.

Example 3) If instead you buy 4 lottery tickets and you keep say 4 “banking” numbers the same on each ticket in different permutations along with 2 random numbers, then you’re effectively modifying the odds to something in between example 1 and 2. If 3 or 4 of your main banking numbers came up, then you’ll win on every ticket and you’d have a chance of winning even more with the 2 random numbers on each. If all 6 numbers came up on one ticket, then you’d win the jackpot on 1 ticket and you’d have 4 numbers on 3 tickets. Many people use permutations of different amounts of “banking” numbers (E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5) across a number of tickets to increase the chance of winning a substantial amount when they do win, but also increasing the chance of winning nothing at all.

The above are all examples of bending your stake, the odds of winning and the amount you’re more likely to win if your numbers do come up.

Joining a syndicate is another way of changing your stake and betting odds. You could for instance spend £1 for one of 10 tickets in a syndicate and you’d have a 10 times higher chance of winning something if the numbers chosen were always random, but any winnings would also be split between 10 people. If the syndicate won £10 for instance, you’d only get £1 back and break even. If you join a massive syndicate, then you have a much higher chance of winning the jackpot, the problem is, you’ll only receive a small cut of the winnings, this is pretty obvious, but it doesn’t stop people trying to sell this advice too. Often syndicates also modify odds by keeps so many “banking” numbers that stay the same in different permutations as in example 3 above, so if the syndicate does win, they’re a greater chance of winning a significant amount, while reducing the chances of winning anything at all.

Even though there’s many ways of changing stakes and odds, they’re not really a system for winning the lottery jackpot, but is there really a workable method for winning the jackpot? (See below)

To Increase Your Chances of Winning The National Lottery Jackpot (UK):

Despite many people trying to tell you otherwise, there is no miracle formula for winning the National Lottery Jackpot and even though you can increase your chances of winning by following these simple instructions, you still have a very slim chance and by aiming entirely to win the jackpot reduces your chances of winning on more than one ticket at once. This system might not be amazing, but this is true reality and not just a scam artist’s pipe dream! The system mathematically and statistically does as it states and it’s given away totally free, unlike like many scam sites out there.

To increase your chance of winning the jackpot, you must play entirely for the jackpot and you must buy multiple tickets as I’ll explain (a minimum of 2 tickets to effect the odds). Basically you need to stop the numbers on each ticket repeating themselves on other tickets as much as possible as this covers a larger scope of combinations for all 6 numbers to come up. If you have every number from 1 to 49 on at least one ticket, you’re covering every possible number that can be drawn (You need 9 tickets which is 54 numbers in total, so a few will be used twice), the hard bit is getting the numbers drawn on the same ticket which only good luck can achieve.

Write on small pieces of paper all 49 numbers, then fold them, putting them into a hat or box. Shuffle the hat and start drawing the numbers randomly one by one in sets of 6 until you’ve brought the number of tickets you require or until you’ve drawn 8 tickets. For example:

26, 43, 47, 15, 25, 39
09, 22, 36, 19, 28, 42
35, 40, 04, 10, 20, 01
34, 13, 03, 48, 07, 11
02, 21, 08, 30, 05, 44
46, 18, 16, 38, 32, 17
27, 31, 14, 06, 49, 24
45, 23, 33, 37, 12, 29

Each number above is unique as it’s only used once. Since there are 8 tickets and 6×8=48, there is 1 remaining number that hasn’t yet been used. The remaining unique number that’s unused is 41 which can be used to start the 9th ticket if you want to buy even more tickets. Now choose the next numbers by working down the columns as this will ensure that the next tickets only repeat 1 number from each of the previous tickets, so the 9th ticket would be 41 (last number left), 26, 09, 35, 34, 02, followed by 46, 27, 45, 43, 22, 40 and then 13, 21, 18, 31, 23, 47 and so on. If these numbers run out and you still want to buy more tickets then I suggest you start the entire process again from scratch by putting all the numbers back into the hat and redrawing them. If you’re buying a lot of tickets, then there are more complex ways of increasing your odds very slightly higher rather than reshuffling at this time, but this keeps it quite simple.

You now have a higher chance of winning the lottery jackpot, at the expense of reducing your chances of winning on more than one ticket if you don’t win the jackpot. Don’t expect miracles though as the odds of winning the jackpot are still extremely low, but good luck anyway.

The Lotto Black Book – Why It’s A Scam:

Remember that if someone really did know a winning formula to winning the lottery jackpot, then they would surely simply continue using it themselves secretly instead of desperately trying to hard sell the system to other people for what would be small change to them if they were really were that rich. In theory, if a genuine system did exist that could virtually guarantee a significant lottery win as many systems claim, then sharing the system with others would completely jeopardise the very system they’re selling as one would soon expect there to be hundreds or even thousands of jackpot winners every week. Unfortunately so many jackpot winners would only win a small amount when the winnings get split between them. Also one would expect see masses of people getting nearly all the numbers, but instead of winning a considerable amount of money as usual, they’d receive tiny payouts as they’d be so many sharing the allocated money. In fact with so many “winning” systems leaked to the public, by now the lottery would be dying as it wouldn’t be worth playing with such low payouts to each winner! Well, none of this is happening since the release of any of these so called “winning” systems and formulae while there’s just as many roll over weeks when no-one wins the jackpot as there always has been. This also proves that such “winning” systems and formulae most definitely don’t work as promised!

The Lotto Black Book is an example of someone trying to sell a lottery winning system using hard sell techniques and like all these systems that promise high winnings in a short amount of time, it’s a blatant scam. According to this site, an Oklahoma Professor got shot in the foot while escaping after winning the big lotto prize 3 times in a row when people allegedly threatened to kill him if he didn’t tell them his secret formula. Now what a surprise, even though he apparently risked being killed keeping his lottery formula a secret, he’s later all of a sudden deciding to share the secret formula with anyone who’s willing to pay him $96.83 (around £68.73 in the UK). This story would be laughable if so many people didn’t fall for the scam, unfortunately the fantasy and hope of receiving a changing amount of money takes over some people who don’t think logically when offered something that is simply too good to be true.

For $93.83 you get to download a worthless Ebook that costs the owner nothing to give away to as many people as he likes. Remember that it’s mathematically impossible to see a pattern out of completely random numbers and since this system has been sold, there’s no substantial increase in the amount of people winning lottery jackpots, so it’s definitely a scam. If this person did happen to win the lottery as the story claims, then it’s by chance and he’s probably brought a massive amount of lottery tickets from his first winnings to increase his chances of winning again dramatically.

The Convincers:

There’s nothing to lose and all to gain: The system claims to refund $200 within 60 days, giving you a profit of $103.17 if you don’t see at least 1 big fat cheque by then. You apparently have to prove you’ve used the system first and failed to win a large amount, but it’s easy for him to proclaim that you haven’t followed the instructions correctly when you don’t win and how much is a large amount? Would a £10 win be considered a big win as if you brought 100 UK lottery tickets for-instance, you’re likely to win at least £10? Anyway, I’d be absolutely amazed if anyone really got their $200 back after paying just $96.83 for the Ebook, especially when the terms and conditions state, “You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by thelottoblackbook.com within 56 days of delivery for a full refund.”, which is 4 days short of 60 days and it’s impossible to for-fill this return policy with an Ebook as it’s opened as soon as you read it. The terms and conditions then asks you to refer to the FAQs for returns regarding Ebooks, but this mentions nothing about this specific guarantee either as it simply links to Clickbank and their standard returns policy which isn’t relevant to this offer.

People are amazed by the system: The site displays numerous amazing testimonials from apparently delighted customers who have all won large amounts entirely thanks to this system, but remember that it’s very easy to make up testimonials and no lottery winning system like this can possibly deliver what is claimed, this is a mathematical and statistical fact! Ask any genuine and independent mathematician if you don’t believe me! Also if the system continues to be sold to a large number of people who all buy quite a few tickets, then there’s an ever increasing statistical probability that someone will eventually win a considerable amount anyway, but it won’t have anything to do with the system working, although that particularly lucky person might wrongfully believe it has worked. The thing is thousands of people to this 1 winner will have all most certainly lost, but the masses of losers won’t be printed on the testimonials page.

Very high success rate: He states that there’s a 48.7% chance of winning every single time you play. Unfortunately in reality the only way this is possible is if you spend a massive amount on tickets, E.g. You spend £40 on tickets and have a 47.7% chance of winning £10, but you won’t really have won as you’ll be £30 out of pocket.

A high profile respected person you can trust: The person who pioneered the winning system is allegedly a doctor and he builds up further trust by talking about all the winnings that he’s donated to charity. Unfortunately there’s no hard proof of either claim anywhere, but even if he did happen to win the lottery by chance and he is really a doctor who gave money to charity, he’s still now selling a system that simply cannot achieve what is promised.

Anyone can do it easily: The instructions are laid out very simply so people believe that anyone can do it very easily. Only one critical stage cannot be completed without referring to the $96.83 Ebook (surprise surprise).

Creating urgency: The site states that only 1000 copies will be sold and then the Ebook will be destroyed so the system doesn’t saturate the lottery system with winners, this makes people believe that they must act quickly or lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately the system wouldn’t saturate the lottery with winnings as it won’t work and how do people really know when they have sold 1000 copies? The owner of the site is more likely to disappear when too many people are pressing for their $200 refund and not when he’s sold to 1000 satisfied customers. Anyway, if the system really did work, then even selling 1000 copies would be enough to dramatically increase the number of substantial lottery winners each week if the system really did work (it clearly doesn’t).

Good reviews: Often the seller will plaster good reviews and comments across the Internet so people read this while searching for more information while considering paying for the particular formula. Sometimes people will even be selling the system for affiliate commissions who are bound to excellent, but unfortunately very biased reviews. I’ve also know some sellers try to target search engine keywords like “scam” especially to lead people to biased reviews that conclude that the system is brilliant and not a scam even when it most certainly is.

I strongly DON’T recommend it, but for The Lotto Black Book, please see:

http://www.thelottoblackbook.com/ (Ebook $96.83)

This is just one of numerous very similar scams, all promising wealth and riches from playing the lottery, here are some more, but DON’T FALL FOR ANY OF THEM:

http://www.lotteryriches.com/ (Ebook £10)
http://www.dailypick3wins.com/ (Ebook $17.99)
http://www.smartluck.com/ (Various expensive Ebooks & software)
http://howtohitthelottery.com/ (Ebook $25)

(Some of the above sites might be here today, gone tomorrow, so sorry if any of the links become dead in future!)

Legal Disclaimer:

It is NOT the intention of this article to teach people to win the lottery. This article is without prejudice to The Lotto Black Book or any other organisation that offers lottery winning tips or formulae. It’s indeed without prejudice to any persons or organisation. This article includes my personal opinion and shouldn’t be taken as definite fact. Although PJCNET try to be as accurate as possible, we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made. Even though I see myself as having a basic knowledge of mathematics, probability and statistics, I do not claim to be an expert in this field. The article briefly discusses gambling addiction, if you feel you’re effected, PJCNET strongly recommends that you seek professional advice, PJCNET do not claim to the councillors or experts in this field. This article, any comments and all other articles and comments on this website are covered by our full legal disclaimer.

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Comment from dailywin
Time August 22, 2010 at 3:59 pm Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Believe it or not ! Clifton Musgrove is a leading expert in the fields of Selecting Pick3 odds, He is the founder and president of Dailypick3wins a web portal that,s specializes in providing winning performance on past , present and future lotto numbers. For tips on picking winning numbers, visit http://www.dailypick3wins.com


Comment from dailywin
Time August 22, 2010 at 6:06 pm Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

The Lotto Black Book – Why It’s A Scam:

Remember that if someone really did know a winning formula to winning the lottery jackpot, then they would surely simply continue using it themselves secretly instead of desperately trying to hard sell the system to other people for what would be small change to them if they were really were that rich.

Well to who ever wrote this article, I,m here to prove that I stand behind my formula . Yes I don,t win every day but I win enough to become self employed for 18 yrs . I,ve read most of those comments about most lottery formula don,t work and nobody predict winning numbers etc. Well last Sunday I dream I was in a hotel room 219 and went to buy a beer for $199 ,the date on the check was 9/15. I play numbers daily and I sell the pick3 lottery formula. Well believe it or not I win $ 4600 this week using those 3 numbers in my dream. I hit in Chicago 093,459,975,n 492, Miami 982, n 429, new york 147,199 n 206 yesterday. Now those hits were insurance bet average $300 except the 199 for $1800 which was my dream number. Words don,t have no substance I can prove it to you NOW!!


Comment from admin
Time August 23, 2010 at 1:49 am Twitter

My reply to Dailywin (Please see comments above)

This sounds very interesting indeed from “dailywin” (please see comments above), however it doesn’t sound like an actual lottery winning formula, well not in the traditional sense where there’s a mathematical or scientific formula as this cannot work as I’ve already explained above. What you describe sounds instead more like alleged paranormal phenomenon that’s giving you the predictions while you’re sleeping (please correct me if I’m wrong). Well if I assume you’re telling the truth, it’s either a big coincidence or you’re getting the numbers from a higher source which would probably be assumed to be spiritual. I will say that people are allegedly more open to the their psychic abilities when they’re sleeping and some dreams are allegedly messages from spirit, although this isn’t proven.

As a paranormal investigator I have to remain very sceptical at first, although without investigation I cannot say that isn’t happening either and I’ve certainly seen plenty of unexplained phenomenon over the years that no-one including myself can explain using known science. It’s most definitely nothing personal, but I would therefore want to see hard evidence before taking what you say on face value, E.g. I would take your list of numbers before each lottery draw and compare their accuracy over a good number of draws against the average odds of winning. If you’re predictions continue over time to produce a number of wins that are massively higher than the average odds of winnings, then it would be very interesting indeed and unexplained. I will say however that there’s thousands of alleged psychics and spiritualist mediums and one seldom hears of any of them predicting the lottery, well not successfully anyway. If you asked a psychic or spiritualist medium to give you the lottery numbers or a lottery win, they would normally simply tell you that it can’t be done and probably that it’s against the laws of Karma, E.g. you can only ask for what you deserve in life. On the other side of the Karma debate, life isn’t fair and people who win the lottery often don’t deserve to win, for instance I read about a brutal and extremely vicious serial rapist in the UK who brought a National Lottery ticket while granted a weekends prison leave to a bail hostel, he won a massive 3rd share of the £21m roll-over jackpot (£7m) and it was decided in court that he could in fact still keep the winnings + interest which would be waiting for him on his release even though he’d brought the ticket while still a convicted criminal. This violent rapist who’d ruined people’s lives and caused so much unspeakable suffering to others will enjoying a living a life of luxury on his release. Its very unlikely that he’ll give 1 single penny of his massive winnings to the very people who’s lives have been destroyed through his evil actions and this in my opinion proves that he’s still got no conscience. Can one even start to imagine how his innocent victims feel about this terrible injustice? If life was fair, the money would be given to anti rape charities and/or the his victims, so where is Karma now? In my opinion he shouldn’t have even been granted leave, let alone be allowed to to keep a massive £7m lottery win. (read the full story)

I’m interested to know weather you’ve sold your predictions to others? It gives you more credibility if you haven’t as otherwise you’re selling something that would appear too good to be true (the golden rule is it probably is) and I wouldn’t see why you’d risk jeopardising something that can make you so much money by earning a relatively small amount from selling the predictions to others. Also if you sold numerous winnings numbers, surely too many people would keep winning if the system really worked? I don’t know exactly how your lottery works in your country, but if there’s too many people winning, I’d expect the each win to be greatly reduced as the winnings are shared across a lot more winners. This would surely be stabbing yourself in the back as it would stop you winning so much.

Anyway, thanks for a fascinating and interesting reply.


Comment from dailywin
Time August 23, 2010 at 4:45 am Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Now we go to school! first of all my winning this week from 9 of those numbers was not a dream. I dream about 199,915, and 219. what I have done was to look up each number from my formula that product those winning numbers.
these are the formula workout for 199,915, n 219, The numbers in ( ) are indicators which are 70% more likely to fall first so I play for more money.
I box these numbers for $2 each and my indicators ( ) for extra money.
on Monday 093 fall in Chicago midday.won $300
Wednesday 982 fall Miami won $600, hit 147 in new york$300, 459 fall in Chicago won $150 that same night hit 975 won $300
Thursday hit 492 in Chicago won $600 the indicator from 219 also hit the in 199 for $1800 which was my dream.

Friday 429 hit again won $450 and hit the 206 in new york on Saturday for $300 total =$4800 in winning. I will be glad to have you verify them using my formula. send me your email and I would forward my pick3 formula for FREE!
ps: there were more hit I did not hit 499 hit in Miami also,


Comment from dailywin
Time August 23, 2010 at 5:06 am Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Hi Mr Admin,
well believe it or not I hit New york Tonight 154 box and I predict 214 to fall in 3 days and these are my insurance number until 21 4 come this week.


Comment from dailywin
Time August 24, 2010 at 12:37 am Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Well Admin,
you want proof ? well I hit 262 in Miami tonight just like I said I will win until my favorite number come home 214


Comment from admin
Time August 25, 2010 at 2:37 pm Twitter

Hello again dailywin, what you claim is fascinating indeed, it is however mathematically impossible for you to have a formula that works in this way, if it does work however, then you’re either unbelievably lucky or there’s an unexplained and/or paranormal influence at work that’s so far unknown or unproven to science. Based on your claims, to be this lucky must be statistically many Billions to 1, if not much more unlikely to such extent that it’s almost as good as impossible.

I live in the UK, please link to where I can get the correct lottery result in your US state and send me an email to admin@paranormal-marketing.com along with what numbers you think might win before the next draw or a draw of your choice as you need to specify. The time and date of delivery will be recorded as proof you sent the numbers before the draw in question. I don’t know if non US residents can buy lottery tickets in your state, but I’m not asking for this information to make any money myself and I give my personal word that I won’t use the numbers given or pass the numbers onto anyone else before the draw commences, so it most certainly won’t effect your potential share of any winnings. If your chosen numbers only win a relatively small amount, then it could be just a coincidence from a single draw, so to be sure your system is definitely working, we may need to repeat the process again on another draw.

I’d be absolutely amazed if your predictions are proven to work and I’d certainly say so here. Sorry for not replying instantly, unfortunately Admin (myself) is only 1 person at present who can’t be available 24/7, I will be keeping a closer eye on this thread however. Thanks again for your very interesting comments.


Comment from dailywin
Time August 25, 2010 at 6:25 pm Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Hi Admin, I have given you my prediction this morning Miami bring 379 and New york bring 274 please comfirm from your email this morning.


Comment from dailywin
Time August 25, 2010 at 8:23 pm Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Hi Admin, I have given you my prediction this morning Miami bring 739 and New york bring 274 please comfirm from your email this morning.


Comment from admin
Time August 27, 2010 at 11:36 pm Twitter

Hello dailywin, your date and time in UK Greenwich Mean Time (GMT standard – please note in the Summer we add an hour to this time) has been recorded here from your replies, but this doesn’t appear to be a lottery prediction? Sorry, but living in the UK one has a national lottery of 6 balls drawn and a bonus ball for-instance. Please let me know exact what these result signify and link to a website with the results. Thank you.


Comment from dailywin
Time August 27, 2010 at 11:44 pm Delicious Digg Flickr MySpace Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter

Hi Admin, I do not predict the national lottery ( 6 Balls) I only predict pick3 lotto that my game.


Comment from chriscleary
Time April 13, 2011 at 1:07 pm

@ dailywin -A selective predictor, how convenient. Have you learned to dream in six balls yet.


Comment from fprf54
Time June 29, 2011 at 1:07 am

I bought the Black Lotto Ebook and spent near 100 for it. Am doing my best to get my money back. The guy got back to me and said I was being greedy. What about him ? He cannot find anything in another person first unless it is in him. I told him I only wanted my money back, not the 200 he promised. None of my numbers came close so far and I have won nothing. On one Powerball Jackpot I was within a few numbers either way but no hit. So then I wrote back again wanting my money back and have not heard from him yet. Then I knotified Click Bank about this scam. It is a scam when they promise one thing and it cannot begin to deliever it. It is quicker to hit by a lightening bolt then to win the lotto.


Comment from stom
Time June 29, 2011 at 11:56 pm

hi fprf54, if possible that send me the copy of you black book i just want it to see because my wife is eager to buy i don’t want but she insist to buy. can you send it into my email at stom_up@yahoo.com hope that if you don’t mine. thanks


Comment from stom
Time June 29, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Hi Paul, if possible that send me the copy of you black book i just want it to see because my wife is eager to buy i don’t want but she insist to buy. can you send it into my email at stom_up@yahoo.com hope that if you don’t mine. thanks


Time August 7, 2011 at 5:05 pm



Comment from RussianTaxas
Time August 25, 2012 at 4:03 am

Dailywin.. hi my name is Dmitriy and i live in Taxas USA
Can you send me your formula or a wining numbers for pic3 for tommrow PLZ.
i will get back to you with risolts and tnks.


Comment from Alejandro
Time January 5, 2013 at 2:48 pm

I just see the norah sands video. Do yuoyu know if it works? May i us eit in argentina? is it for all the countries?
Thank you!!

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