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Totally Free MMORPG Gaming!

19 November, 2010 (04:38) | General | By: admin

This is a short article that could potentially give people 1000s of hours of free gaming fun.

Massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) are certainly extremely addictive to play. One of the most recent MMORPG games to be released on the PC is Final Fantasy XIV with literally 1000s of quests and a massive environment to explore. It’s arguable an excellent game, although there are various performance issues on some PCs. The problem is you first have to play the full price for the game itself, then after a free trial period of 60 days (was just 30 days), it costs £8.99 a month in subscription costs to continue playing, plus there’s even more subscription fees for every extra character you choose to have (prices in the UK, prices are similar in other local currencies). If you don’t pay the ongoing subscription fees, the full priced game you’ve forked out is rendered totally useless and the original DVD might as well be used as a Frisbee while the case is used as a door wedge. One couldn’t even sell the original game 2nd hand since the unique serial number will be registered against a unique on-line account and cannot be re-used.

There’s a big advantage for a software company to bring out on-line only games with ongoing subscription costs such as Final Fantasy XIV since it’s virtually impossible to play a pirated copy and players are likely to pay out a lot more money on the game. If a person paid for a Final Fantasy XIV subscription monthly for 12 months with just one character for instance, it would cost a total of £107.88 plus the initial purchase cost of the game.

One might quite surprised that there’s in fact masses of totally free MMORPGs out there where the download is free with no subscription costs what-so-ever either, in fact no credit card is required. Many can downloaded freely and can be played with a never ending free subscription, but most make their money by offering optional extra features in exchange for real money or virtual money that needs to be purchased using real money. Saying this however, some games can be played easily throughout without ever paying out a penny as optional items can be earned or found within the game which is in some cases more fun anyway. Many games however aren’t so easy to complete and you’ll find it becomes very expensive to play as the game progresses as you’ll need to pay for almost mandatory items that you really can’t do without. Some so called “free” games can offer very little to free users however as they can be left helpless without paying after what is really just a trial of the early stages, so it’s worth doing a bit a homework before deciding on which game(s) to play. Also please watch out for free trails that take your credit card details and automatically charge the monthly subscription after the free trial unless it’s cancelled in plenty of time before the end of the trial period. To avoid ever paying to enjoy a game, consider using free private servers that are available for many quality MMORPGS (more about this later).

Most people will automatically assume that the quality of genuinely totally free MMORPGs is terrible? Well yes, this is sometimes the case, but there are also many excellent games out there with a good story lines, 100s or 1000s of quests and excellent 3D rendered graphics where arguably you’ll enjoy playing them as much or even more than many full priced subscription games. In fact once one starts playing some of the better games available, you’ll probably give up paying any paid subscriptions if you have any as there isn’t enough time in a day to play anything close to all the free games available and new games are appearing regularly. As well as playing very addictive games, you can often meet new people from around the world or you can usually even join forces with friends.

Lord of the Rings is an excellent example of a free MMORPG with very good graphics Etc, but unfortunately your game is somewhat restricted unless you take a paid restriction as there are limited quests and many disadvantages soon become apparent during the game where you’ll be constantly tempted to pay for upgrades or for a paid subscription. This particular title used to be totally subscription based until September 2010, so it’s still a treat, please click here for full details and a video review.

I won’t review the MMORPG games freely available here as there’s an excellent website that’s entirely dedicated to this purpose with great reviews and videos:

For FREE MMORPGs, please visit:




Most games have optional items which can be paid for, buying items isn’t usually necessary to full enjoy the game at first, although it usually becomes more and more necessary to play the game properly as the game progresses. I therefore recommend using free private servers where you’ll never have to pay a penny to play the game in full, see my comment below this artitle titled, “PLAY PAID MMORPGs TOTALLY FREE WITH PRIVATE SERVERS” for more details.


You might also be interested in taking a look at http://mmohut.com/games/mmorpg/ for even more in depth reviews.

(Alternatively for all commercial MMORPGS, please visit http://www.mmorpg.com/ for another excellent website.)

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Comment from admin
Time November 23, 2010 at 5:59 am Twitter

Recommended Free MMORPGs:

I’ve been addicted to an excellent MMORPG called “Allod” and have been playing it for many hours so far, yet I’m still at the beginning of the game it’s so big, see http://www.gpotato.com/ for more details and various other totally free RPGs by the same company. With these games you can purchase extra optional items using Gpotatos (online currency), but you really don’t need these extras to play throughout and if you do decide to purchase an extra item, you can even earn Gpotatos freely by completing on-line offers instead of paying using real money, E.g. free surveys, free registrations Etc.


Comment from admin
Time January 8, 2011 at 1:58 pm Twitter


I’m addicted to World of Warcraft, but if you want a VERY similar game for free, see Allods Online at http://en.allods.gpotato.eu/ad/ ,you can optionally pay for extra in game items to make your progress faster and the game easier, but this certainly isn’t necessary as most items can be found in game with a bit of extra work. I have paid less than £10 so far for a larger bag & a few extra items, but I could have worked without them. Anyway it’s a still much cheaper than £8.99 a month + 4 game packs for WOW (costing between £38.85 to £70+ depending where you buy them, also see GET WORLD OF WARCRAFT CHEAP IN THE UK BELOW). It’s a big game too although no where near as massive as WOW, it’s still excellent with plenty to keep you occupied for many MANY hours to come. In fact the game engine and design is so similar to WOW with extremely similar features and gameplay plus graphics, that you’d think it’s borderline on Blizzard Entertainment (licence holders of WOW) having a legal problem with it unless Blizzard had something to do with this game.


Allods Online is a great game to play to see if you like games like World of Warcraft without paying a penny as it’s extremely similar in many ways, but although it’s an excellent game in it’s own right, it doesn’t compare with the shear scale of WOW along with it’s Millions of happy players on-line. Allods Online is a large game with lots of players, but WOW is an absolutely HUMONGOUS game with literally millions of players and new gameplay is being added all the time (WOW’s shear size puts it in a different league).

If you’re considering playing World of Warcraft, then there is a 10 day free trial download available to all for the first instalment with no obligation and no credit card is required, so you don’t have to remember to cancel your subscription either (please search for World of Warcraft for a link to download your 10 day free trial as the link is dependent of your country of residence). If you already own some, but not all the instalments (expansions), then a 10 day free trial is available for the next instalment and the link is available from the game client. The first instalment is much MUCH more than enough for 10 days of entertainment. One can buy the first 2 instalments of World of Warcraft as cheap as £8.95 in the UK with both game guides included in the Battlechest compilation, then The Wrath of the Lich King (the 3rd installment) is as cheap as £11.95 and the latest installment, Cataclysm is as cheap as £17.95. All this totals £38.85 at the time of writing which is much cheaper than paying the recommend retail price directly from Blizzard for all 4 parts, one might have to wait a short time for delivery which is also included in the price, but in my opinion it’s well worth it for such a large saving and you could still play using a 10 day free trial while waiting for delivery which should easily arrive well before it expires:

Please click here for details to purchase WOW cheaply if you live in the UK
(I strongly recommend people shop around if you live elsewhere in the world for the best price as you can save a lot of money!)

Please remember that it costs £8.99 (UK Price) a month to play World of Warcraft after a month’s free trial that comes with the first instalment, but when you experience the sheer size of the game and how much there is to do, you will see what you’re paying for. This is better than the cost of paying Final Fantasy XIV since although the price is still £8.99 a month after a free trial, they charge extra for each extra player you register on FF XIV and this isn’t the case with World of Warcraft. It’s great to play with various players of different classes since there are many different stories, maps and quests depending on your chosen character. If you enjoy MMORPGS games then please be warned as WOW is extremely addictive to say the least, please don’t compromise your friends, family or work, and I’m being totally serious here as it really is a problem for many people. If you have an addictive personality, try to limit your game time to so many fixed hours a day or week as there are people who spend every possible spare minute of the day playing, while they also suffer from lack of sleep too.

PS: I’m getting absolutely nothing by recommending any games above, so the above comments are totally unbiased!


Comment from admin
Time February 14, 2011 at 11:49 pm Twitter


It’s legally still a grey area, but it’s a fact that there are numerous free private servers available for playing many of the most popular MMORPG titles online today that you usually have to pay for in one way or another. Most retail MMORPG versions that advertise themselves as free aren’t really free since as the game progresses you’ll need to buy vital items to play the game properly and eventually it can become increasingly expensive as you progress, especially when you need to buy large items like mounts for-instance (without a suitable mount it will take for-ever to travel from A to B as the distance between quests generally becomes larger).

Many free private servers are totally free however and you’ll often earn virtual currency to spend in the shop by just playing the game (E.g. no real money is required unlike in the retail version). Many free private servers are surprisingly well run and although the game might not be exactly as the retail version, most are just as playable and some are even designed to be more customized to the required individual’s preferred gaming experience.

Most private servers run entirely on voluntary donations, but unlike the retail version of the particular game, donations really aren’t necessary to progress through the game fully and most people don’t donate anything. Sometimes donating can give a bonus in the game that really isn’t necessary or required to progress, but sometimes donations make no difference to the individuals gaming experience. You’ll even come across some private servers that don’t even take donations at all.

Now you might be surprised to find what games are available. Most are free to join MMORPGs like Aion or Allods which I recommend, but you’ll even find numerous free private servers available for World of Warcraft to avoid paying your £8.99 subscription (you’ll still need to install the game by buying it or the first part can be downloaded as a free trial).

It’s usually quick, free and easy to join a private server. Most private servers are accessed by downloading and running a simple loader that is run instead of the usual game icon. Just search on-line for free private servers for MMORPG titles and enjoy as there’s masses.

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