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No Milk, Lots of Stress & Sod All – My Experience of Milk & More!

26 May, 2011 (07:43) | Consumer Watch, Reviews | By: admin

Milk & More – The little store at your door:
(Well more like the little store that never turns up at your door!)

Milk & More as advertised in the title above is a new upgraded milk delivery service to your front door from the Dairy Crest group. As well as proving a traditional daily milk delivery service, they also claim that they can also deliver a selection of over 250 essentials to your door including both food and drink products. The Milk & More service has not only replaced the previously named Dairy Crest milk delivery service, but it has also replaced milk delivery services from Express Dairies, United Dairies, the Co-op and Unigate which are also part of the Dairy Crest Group. Milk & More cover a large amount of the UK, in fact in many areas they have taken over as a monopoly which means some people are either forced to use them or not have a doorstep milk delivery service at all.

Now if Milk & More provided any sort of reasonable service and if they kept to their promises it would be in theory much better than the traditional milk delivery service that it’s replaced. Unfortunately from personal experience they couldn’t have possibly provided a worse service in my case, in fact it’s been so awful that they’ve caused me nothing but stress and inconvenience to the extent that I just had to write this article to warn other people and in the hope that Milk & More eventually improve their service. Even though my experience of Milk & More has been utterly abysmal to the extreme, it doesn’t mean that other people may experience similar, there are also likely to be many satisfied customers in different parts of the UK and I’ve even read of a few praises, although it is also a fact that Milk & More have more than their fair share of complaints throughout the Internet at the time of writing, just search online for “Milk & More complaints” for numerous horror stories.

Milk & More – My Personal Experience: (Utterly abysmal!)

Firstly you may want to see Milk & More’s recent TV advert at the time of writing, obviously everything sounds brilliant:

After watching Milk & More’s above TV advert which is still being shown at the time of writing in late May 2011 and also after seeing their excellent free £10 offer to new customers, I decided to sign up and place my first order. Their website initially all looked very good and I was given my local milkman’s name stating that he delivers to my area Monday to Friday. Out of the advertised 250+ daily essentials, there is quite a reasonable selection of goods which can be ordered on-line, some products cost a bit more than in the shops, although this is expected when it’s delivered to your door, saying that there was even quite a few decent offers at the time of ordering. According to Milk & More’s TV advert, you can order up to 9pm for your order to arrive the following working day to your door and this also seemed to be the case when choosing a delivery date for my first order. Since it was my very first order however, I thought it better to give Milk & More an extra day to deliver to make sure it arrives on time since I was ordering at about 7.30pm, even though it was officially still comfortably within time for a next day delivery. My first order came close to £20 and I ordered quite a selection of goods including milk products and fruit juices, but with £10 free it only came to an extremely reasonable £10. I really looked forward to my delivery as promised and assuming it all went well I would have become a regular customer, but unfortunately when the delivery date came everything started going terribly wrong.

If my £20 food and drink order was simply left on my doorstep it could easy be stolen, especially since I live on the ground floor in a low rise flat complex with various people often coming close to my doorstep every day, so I stayed in all day waiting for my delivery on my chosen delivery date, hoping to meet my milkman for the first time to get a better idea of future delivery times. It started getting very late and there was still no sign of my milkman so I called Milk & More to find out what was going on before their office closed. After lots of phoning around, speaking to different people including my local distribution centre, I was given the poor excuse that they couldn’t deliver because my local milkman was off on leave. With any reasonable milk delivery service, when a milk person is off on leave, another milk person automatically takes over or the extra work is shared equally to neighbouring milk people. Customers are never normally simply left without anyone bothering to turn up at all on the promised delivery date, so I thought this was a really pathetic excuse for not delivering. After lots more phoning, speaking to different people who didn’t or wouldn’t help, I finally got to speak to a manager. She carefully retook my order over the phone and personally assured me of a delivery on the following day with her apologies which on this occasion I accepted. The following day I again stayed in specially waiting for the order to arrive, but there was still no sign of a milk person. Again I called and spent ages on the phone trying to speak to someone who could help including my local distribution centre who claimed they didn’t even have an order for myself even though it was clearly written in front of me after logging into their website. Eventually I got through to someone to have my order taken yet again and I was assured yet again of a delivery on the following day, but yet again I stayed in specially for no sign of a milk person and yet another broken promise. This amazingly went on for over a week with various pathetic excuses for not delivering each day, even though my local milkman had long returned from his apparent leave. By now I had completely run out of patience with Milk & More repeatedly breaking their promises to deliver each day. So much for not having to run out to the shops for my daily essentials and for the little store that comes to your door as they so clearly advertise. In fact it didn’t matter who I spoke to at Milk & More, they appeared to be totally incapable of making one single delivery to my address and I didn’t want to inconveniently stay in any more for yet another false promise of delivery. I therefore finally gave up and cancelled my order by finally speaking to a manager after more phoning around, being put through to different people. At least the manager apologised for my awful experience with Milk & More and she assured me that the account was most certainly closed and that the order was cancelled. Despite receiving an utterly abysmal service (well no service what-so-ever), I still managed to stay polite at all times over the phone, even when sometimes Milk & More were less than polite to myself, mainly when speaking to my local distribution centre.

Now you might think that after cancelling my order and my account that this is the end of the story – well wrong, amazingly Milk & More’s sheer incompetence to manage to do anything right or as promised didn’t stop here. A couple of days after cancelling I had an unexpected phone call from a Milk & More milkman that was apparently lost trying to delivery to my address. I politely explained that after over a week of failed deliveries I had cancelled my account including the order a couple of days ago, but the milkman then became very rude and aggressive over the phone, threatening to charge me for the order anyway if I refused it as if it was my fault for Milk & More’s sheer incompetence. I told him to do what-ever he wanted so I could get him off the phone without getting into an unwanted argument. Okay, I can understand the milkman’s frustration at being told to deliver a cancelled order, especially since he may be self employed working under the Milk & More name, but he unfairly took it out on the customer when he should be complaining to Milk & More management instead. Luckily I took the precaution of cancelling my direct debit to Milk & More straight after cancelling as a couple of weeks later they incredibly attempted to take unauthorised money from my bank account for the cancelled order that I did not receive. I logged into Milk & More’s on-line system to see that my account was showing up in red because it was in debit, plus it was suspended pending a failed payment. I obviously called Milk & More again and I politely explained that I had cancelled the order previously and that I don’t owe them anything since I hadn’t received anything from them, but the operator then became extremely rude and said that they’d had enough of me, complaining that I had been previously rude to them over the phone which is very untrue (I challenge Milk & More to listen to their recorded conversations from my phone number if they want proof). I now strongly suspect that the very rude and angry milkman who attempted to deliver my previously cancelled order had black listed my name on their system as a problem customer, even though he was certainly the one who was rude while I stayed polite throughout, plus he also charged my account for the cancelled order I didn’t receive, most likely to get his own back for being messed about which is entirely Milk & More’s fault and NOT mine. Is this the kind of unprofessional behaviour one normally expects from a representative of what is supposed to be a large reputable company in the UK? Anyway, after being spoken down to like a piece of dirt by a Milk & More operator on this occasion, she apparently refunded my account as requested before making it plain that they don’t want to speak to me ever again. What amazing customer service, now one might understand why I said that it couldn’t be any worse.

Now surely one would expect this to be the end of the story after Milk & More promised to refund my account for the cancelled order that I didn’t receive? Well unbelievably not, a couple of days later I logged back into Milk & More and my account is still showing up as in debit due to a failed payment and it is still suspended pending an overdue payment by myself. Milk & More have certainly proven that not only are they totally incapable of making a single delivery to my address, but they cannot cancel an account either no matter who one speaks to and they will also continue charging no matter what one says or does, even if one doesn’t receive a single order. They are also often extremely rude and their so called customer service has proven to be worse than non-existent. I’m now not prepared to call them yet again after such a terrible experience on the last occasion, this time I have no option but to formally report Milk & More to trading standards as otherwise I will most probably start receiving threatening letters demanding payment when I owe them absolutely nothing and at worst it could even wrongfully blemish my credit file. From my personal experience I cannot warn people enough NOT TO USE MILK & MORE!

Like any reasonable company, Milk & More should look at all their complaints and reported bad feedback very seriously. They should take on board that they desperately need to look again at the quality of service they provide to their customers. Urgent changes obviously need to be made and some employees may also need to be retrained in the process. They also clearly need to review how their entire system works so that they can provide a reliable and good service. There’s clearly a lot of work to be done, but firstly Milk & More must at least admit to themselves that there is a serious problem or they will simply keep their head buried in the ground. It doesn’t matter how large the organisation is, if they don’t ultimately provide a reasonable service they will soon start to lose money before eventually going out of business. If Milk & More posted a formally apology to their customers, admitting their mistakes and how they’re going about rectifying them along with a special professionally run freephone helpline to address specific issues like my wrongfully suspended account for-instance, then maybe I would consider using them again as the service they offer would be excellent if only I could rely on it. If they continue to treat customers in a similar way to myself, then they also risk a very damaging appearance on BBC Watchdog or similar. Luckily for them BBC Watchdog’s current series has just ended until their new series starts in September 2011, so Milk & More have now got until at least then to improve as otherwise I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they are featured, if they’re still treating customers really badly by September 2011, then they will certainly deserve a feature and it will be entirely their own fault. Come on Milk & More please sort yourselves out.

Please visit https://www.milkandmore.co.uk if you still want to sign up to Milk & More.

Legal Disclaimer:

This article includes my own personal opinion that cannot therefore be declared as definite fact. It is a review of Milk & More based on my personal experiences of using their service, other people may have completely different experiences of the organisation that could be very positive. If Milk & More would like to respond to this article I would be delighted to include it. The article and any comments are without prejudice to Milk & More or any other organisation. The intention of this article is to do no harm, in fact it is written in the hope that Milk & More take notice to improve their service which would be in my opinion very good for their business. The video included is a TV advert for Milk & More that has been shown on British television from January 2011 up until the time of writing (late May 2011), it is currently hosted on YouTube. The TV advert remains the copyright of the Milk & More, all rights reserved. This article, any comments and all other articles on this website are also covered by my full legal disclaimer.

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Comment from edrub43
Time September 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm

The trouble with Milk and More is the contact information – if you need to talk to them, it is via a 0845 number – at what cost? You are connected to a call centre somewhere is Asia. There is no e-mail contact, so apart from the above you have to use snail-mail. I was recently down a pint on a Friday delivery which I reported by phone – it has still been charged for. It will cost me more to put it right than the milk costs.

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