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Big Money PTC – A scam? See proof UPDATED!

9 June, 2009 (02:46) | Uncategorized | By: admin



We are about to find out once and for all if a very highly paid, “paid to click” site named “Big Money PTC” is actually a scam or if they are genuine. If this is in fact a scam, then it’s very questionable how many more similar highly paid sites are also scams. The site was launched on May 16th, 2009 and at the time of writing on the 9th June, 2009 has 12,942 members and rising rapidly according to their homepage which is very impressive unless this is doctored.

Big Money PTC claim to pay a massive $1 per Ad clicked and $10 per sign up, also paying 50% of down line earnings as a free member and even more as a golden member. When you reach over the payout threshold of $1000, they are supposed to pay on request by either Paypal or Alertpay.

Well my friend has reached over $1000 on the 9th June 2009 and has formally requested payment. We will now see if it’s a scam once and for all, no more speculation, but ACTUAL FACT! I very strongly suspect it is a scam as paying $1 a click is just ridiculously too high when known genuine sites only pay a maximum of $0.02 per click and some pay much less. It will be very interesting to see what happens now as “Big Money PTC” already have 13 people listed in the payment proof section at the time of writing which I also suspect is fake as the site was launched on the 16th May, 2009 and it’s only June 9th, 2009 at the time of writing which has only been 17 business days when it apparently takes 60 business for payment to be processed, unless they are paying out much quicker than promised which I somehow doubt. Well the $1001.20 has been removed from my friend’s balance and is listed under “Pending Withdrawal Requests”, we will now have to wait and see what happens next with close interest. Incidentally, my friend got to $1001.20 as a free member by clicking on Ads every day, but he’s managed to get 44 referrals who did most of the work.

I have read in the terms and conditions of Big Money PTC and it does clearly state that it takes 60 business days (which is about 12 weeks) for payment which I suspect buys them plenty of time to send out excuses while earning maximum profits from people wasting their time reading Ads for nothing as well as perhaps paying for golden membership or even paid referrals. When things get hot when too many members are complaining about late payments and new membership start dwindling due to bad publicity and saturation, they will probably disappear altogether to start another sister site to scam people all over again. What’s even more worrying is the following in the terms and conditions, “All earnings listed and/or represented by Bigmoneyptc.com are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice”. Well surely this means they could say that $1000 is an estimated amount and sorry, but we are only paying $1 as that’s what it’s really worth? They also say that they can change the terms and conditions at any time, which means they can effectively do anything they want to.

We will now see if I’m correct and if they are in fact a scam site, I will also say sorry if I’m wrong too and will be very surprised if this is the case. If I’m right and it is a scam, please don’t waste your time or money on paid memberships as I don’t lie, we will have wasted our time on this pay to click site so you don’t have to.

FINAL CONCLUSION (Updated 12/04/10):


MY ADVICE: There are literally hundreds of scam “paid to click” and “get paid to” sites saturating the Internet today including BigMoneyPTC and RichPTC. Please see http://www.genuine-ptcs.com/ for a list of some of the better genuine sites, but remember that genuine PTC sites usually only pay a maximum of 2 Cent per click, but most pay even less. Nevertheless, it’s always much better to get paid a small amount for a lot of work than to get promised $1000+ that is never paid on a scam site.


(The above image shows a total of 6 pending payments, the 1st payment is extremely overdue and still NOT paid! Please note that the Paypal email account information has been covered over for security reasons, but apart from this, it’s unchanged.)

UPDATED: 12/04/2010 – EVEN MORE 100% SCAM PROOF:

(The above image was taken on the 12/04/07 and shows a total of 7 pending payments that haven’t been paid, the 1st payment was requested on the 9th June 2010 which is over 10 months ago at the time of writing! BigMoneyPTC was actively used every day since the 1st payment request for a number of months as BigMoneyPTC later sent out emails to members with a pathetic excuse explaining that redundant accounts won’t be paid so rewarding active members first, this was to get inactive users to re-use BigMoneyPTC so they can rip them off even more. BigMoneyPTC continue to ignore all correspondence and they continue to take money for paid Ads and memberships. Please note that the Paypal email account information has been covered over above for security reasons, but apart from this, it’s unchanged. Notice that they claim to have paid $309,139.38 which is ridiculous as no-one has ever come forward as being paid a single Cent!)

Please see my comments below for updates over 4 months that finally drew me to this certain and final conclusion.

See also: http://ptc-investgations.blogspot.com/2009/05/big-money-ptc-bigmoneyptccom-caution.html for more opinions and updates about this site.


This article and any comments are without prejudice to Big Money PTC, RichPTC or any other organisation. It is my personal opinion only and it our intention to do no harm. My main legal disclaimer applies to this article, all comments and all other articles on this website. If my friend receives his payments, we will post a formal apology to Big Money PTC on this website and we will recommend them accordingly, but I can now be CERTAIN this won’t happen as payments are extremely overdue while BigMoneyPTC ignore all attempts of contact. If anyone can send be definite 100% proof that RichPTC have actually paid out, I will also write an apology. If Big Money PTC or RichPTC would like to respond or comment, we would be delighted to print it.

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Comment from admin
Time June 12, 2009 at 1:53 pm Twitter

Still no sign of payment, waiting…..


Comment from admin
Time June 15, 2009 at 2:35 am Twitter

Hope of Payment Slowly Fading Away!

Still no sign of payment – no surprise there.

Their proof of payments is still showing regular payments to other people since my friend asked for his money, which is strange when the waiting time is 60 days and the site’s only been on-line for only 1 month at the time of writing. The only possible explanation is either the payment proof is totally fake or they have paid out a lot sooner than 60 business days as agreed in the terms and conditions, which is very unlikely indeed. They appear to be showing payouts at roughly $1 per member, E.g. They have 17,539 members at the time of writing and they have allegedly paid out $17,263.75 already which I very much doubt. When the membership gets higher than roughly $18,263.75, they will almost certainly show another payment of just over $1000, so virtually matching $1 per member at all times.

I’ll be absolutely amazed if they actually pay out now. From affiliate earnings, my friend is 2/3 of the way to his second $1000 payout which he won’t get. If by some miracle they really do payout, I will owe BigMoney PTC a massive apology and will print it here in big bold letters as I’m 99.9% sure they won’t pay.

The 60 business day wait for payments means that it takes close to 3 months for anyone to prove 100% they are fake and by then they will have made plenty of illegal money from golden memberships and other chargeable services including advertising before the sh*t really hits the fan. By then they will have launched at least 1 more sister site to continue the scam before simply abandoning the previous scam site and lots of people who have been ripped off. More should be done to stop scam organisations blatantly operating like this repeatedly, constantly ripping people off, taking as much money as they can off people without paying out what they promise and therefore owe. They are organised by criminals that are obtaining money by fraud and deception. YES they are criminals and more people should call them this as they are making big money illegally, yet nothing is done and the crimes they commit aren’t even taken seriously. How many police officers do you think will be investigating the latest Pay to Click scam? Well, almost certainly ZERO, yet a very serious crime has certainly been committed. If a scam artist ripped people off in person and not just on-line, it would be taken seriously by the police, so what’s the difference? Okay sometimes companies operate off-shore, so more should be done to clamp down internationally against these criminals. Because very little is done to prevent this crime, so many scam sites are popping up all the time and it’s now very difficult for legitimate companies to earn people’s trust, which is extremely wrong.

Many of these companies freely take Paypal who do little or nothing to stop it either which is in my opinion irresponsible. After 60 business days when payments are finally overdue, it’s too late to file a dispute to try and get your money back on Paypal for golden memberships or paid referrals when payment doesn’t arrive. It’s obvious scam organisations are using this rule to their advantage and Paypal should certainly make exceptions to this rule because it’s actually protecting the scam artist which is in my opinion totally and utterly wrong!

To earn genuine rewards, please click below:

Or please click here to read an unbiased review on Toluna.


Comment from admin
Time June 15, 2009 at 6:51 pm Twitter

Big Money PTC are still keeping up by allegedly paying roughly $1 per member and they now have 18082 members according to Big Money PTC at the time of writing with $18,293.75 allegedly paid out via Paypal and Alertpay. They have been live for exactly 1 month today. Still waiting for payment and my friend is now 3 quarters of the way to a 2nd $1000 threshold from affiliate earnings.

I am going to do something quite sneaky, I’m going to contact Paypal and ask them to investigate this site as if they haven’t paid what they say, they are certainly ripping people off as I strongly suspect and Paypal will certainly know this 100% without waiting for the whole 60 business days.


Comment from admin
Time June 16, 2009 at 6:53 pm Twitter

Rich PTC is virtually identical to Big Money PTC with exactly the same payouts and start text on the main screen. If Big Money PTC don’t pay, it’s likely Rich PTC won’t either and this isn’t the only one very similar, they are springing up everywhere. These sites start with the words, “At [name of site], we go beyond the expectations of your typical paid-to-click website. We cater to those who are looking for maximum earnings for their time. We know your time is valuable and we are willing to pay for it!”. If you see this, I’d be very suspicious they are a scam, especially if they are claiming to pay ridiculously high amounts like $1 or even more per click. Remember, the highest paid amount per click on an 100% genuine site I’ve come across is $0.02 or 2c per click, but most genuine sites pay less.

Incidentally, my friend still hasn’t been paid yet and he is almost up to another $1000 payment threshold through his affiliate earnings, one member in his downline has even paid for golden membership which I very strongly suspected will money down the drain in this scam.


Comment from admin
Time June 17, 2009 at 9:27 am Twitter

Big Money PTC is currently completely DOWN at the time of writing. Have they disappeared already without paying anyone?

I would somehow doubt it yet as it’s too early. It’s nowhere near even 60 business days since they started up just over a month ago so no-one is missing a payment as yet, but Rich PTC is also down at the same time which has been on-line longer than Big Money PTC. I suppose it’s also possible the company has abandoned all their sites because it got too hot, or maybe they even got closed down.

I will be monitoring with interest while trying to find out more. The who is information from both Big Money PTC and Rich PTC is identical. They both hide their contact details using WhoisGuard which often means companies have a good reason to hide it sometimes because they are dishonest, but this obviously isn’t always the case. The name servers are up and running.


Comment from admin
Time June 17, 2009 at 11:27 am Twitter

They are back – it was just a server glitch on this occasion. Still no payout and they are still allegedly paying other people regularly which I very much doubt. Now got just over $950 so my friend will then be requesting a 2nd payment too very soon for what little it’s worth.


Comment from admin
Time June 18, 2009 at 6:52 pm Twitter

2nd Withdrawal Request for $1070.50

My friend has made a 2nd withdrawal request of $1070.50 today on the 18th June 2009. It adds to the previous request of $1001.20 on the 9th June 2009 which hasn’t been paid yet despite apparent payments going out in “payment proof” virtually every day. Can you really see my friend getting his $2071.70 in total? Well I doubt it very much, but I will still apologise to Big Money PTC if they did by a miracle pay.


Comment from nicay
Time June 20, 2009 at 4:41 pm

bitmoneyptc is scam i use to join them but when i reach munimum of
$ 1000 all my earning vanish the next morning , i was realy broke i plan to pay my house bill with that money ,


Comment from nicay
Time June 20, 2009 at 4:59 pm


this helpfull links


Comment from admin
Time June 22, 2009 at 1:33 am Twitter

Thankyou “nicay”, the above link looks like a decent site that links to lots of genuine PTC sites where people have voted them as genuine because they really do pay out. They might not pay $1 a click or more, but this is the real world and not a scam, take it or leave it. Also see the payments page for actual proof of payments.

Here is the link again: http://www.genuine-ptcs.com

PS: Still no sign of payment from Big Money PTC, but the so called Payment Proof page is still growing even though they are supposed to payout in 60 working days and the system has only been live 26 working days at the time of writing. It looks extremely grim for my friend’s total of $2,071.70 which is currently pending.


Comment from nicay
Time June 22, 2009 at 9:13 am

are looking for some legitimate online investement. i invest $ 50 with novalex finance they paid me my $50 in 30days plus $50 profit.


now i planing to invest 150 bucks


Comment from admin
Time June 23, 2009 at 3:08 am Twitter

Novalexfinance Looks interesting “nicay” (see above), but I wouldn’t expect doubling your money to be absolutely guaranteed, there’s always a chance you could lose and it’s a calculated gamble in my opinion.

Buying Guaranteed Signups Experience? My Friend’s Experience!

My friend decided to buy 5 guaranteed sign-ups for another program using Big Money PTC. It only costs $5 for 5 sign ups and they give away $50 at $10 each which again shows it’s a scam. Anyway, so far all my friend has had is fake sign ups, he keeps denying them and gets a load more fake sign ups. I suspect this is purely caused by numerous people trying to cheat the system as even fake sign ups are credited if not denied within 4 days, but these people are ultimately wasting their time anyway as Big Money PTC is unlikely to pay, so they are the ones scammed. I suspect that eventually he will get his guaranteed sign ups amongst masses of fakes, but there’s still a big chance these people won’t bother using their newly signed up accounts as they usually only sign up for the promised $10 reward (which they are unlikely to actually see). The problem is if he keep denying too many fake sign ups, then Big Money PTC may assume he’s cheating the system even though he’s being 100% honest and they are really in fact fake sign ups, you are warned that cheating this can lead to an account termination. This would be just the false excuse Big Money PTC could use to avoid paying his money.

I will add to this comment with the final result.


Comment from admin
Time June 24, 2009 at 3:30 am Twitter

My friend is still getting repeated fake ‘guaranteed’ sign ups where most of them aren’t even visiting his affiliate link at all as he can tell from detailed reports. He keeps denying them to be replaced by more fakes and more fakes. They are meant to copy the welcome email and no-one out of about 40 people so far have done this and he’s even had completely unrelated affiliate advertisements come back as supposed verification emails – it’s an absolute joke as it’s clearly not policed at all. One fake email was even the welcome email for Big Money PTC and not the affiliate program either, but most are just filled with rubbish or sometimes a made up email address with nothing else that doesn’t tie up to any sign up that it’s supposed to. The so called paid guaranteed sign ups just aren’t working at all and he won’t bother again. Finally he thought he had a genuine sign up, well unfortunately he found out it wasn’t after all, they included the so called welcome email, but they didn’t read that they couldn’t sign up in their country so have got an email telling them this instead which they have copied as proof, of course not giving my friend a sign up which he’s paid for. He has had to approve this even though it’s a waste of his time and money which isn’t right, but the system is failing totally and if he doesn’t soon approve someone Big Money PTC will probably think he’s being dishonest when he is being totally honest. 3 days now – still just continuous fakes and not 1 single proper sign up, I can’t believe people are so dishonest, but I suppose I can’t really blame them if Big Money PTC doesn’t pay anyway. Incidentally if you don’t deny these fake sign ups within 4 days they are automatically approved, so I suppose these fakes often do get approved.

Well my friend is close to giving up as the moment he denies the fakes, often within seconds new fakes appear which isn’t long enough to complete membership, it’s almost like it’s happening using some autopilot system? I wonder? I wouldn’t be surprised if his account gets terminated soon as he will be accused of being dishonest when he is being totally 100% honest here, he has now denied at least 80 fakes that are certainly FAKE! Like I said before it would be a perfect excuse not to pay him the money he is owed.


Comment from admin
Time June 25, 2009 at 6:30 pm Twitter

Click Exchange Credit Rip Off on Big Money PTC

My friend had built up credits on the click exchange which is part of Big Money PTC and this was the only part of Big Money PTC worth using as it was a simple traffic exchange where you got 4 credits for 5 Ad views. Now even this has turned out to be a complete rip off, the feature has suddenly been removed without any warning what-so-ever and now it simply isn’t there at all. All his credits he’s worked for have gone without notice or reason. It shows Big Money PTC have a complete disregard for their members, how would you like it if you worked ages on a traffic exchange building up credits, then they are removed for no reason just because the company felt like it? Well it shows that Big Money PTC certainly don’t care.

Still no payments either, yet plenty of payments showing on their so called “Payment proof”.


Comment from admin
Time June 28, 2009 at 2:15 pm Twitter

I have just used the system myself only to get 5 referrals for a system called Trek Pay. I got numerous and masses of fake sign ups, but eventually I did get my 5 sign-ups for $5 which was actually worth it in the end. At first I only let premium Big Money PTC members sign up and with this I got 2 good sign ups the first time round, but I had to wait a whole day for this instead of only a few minutes for sign ups when advertising to everyone. At least Big Money PTC is good for something, although assuming it’s a scam, it’s not fair on the people signing up as they won’t be seeing their $10 per sign up as promised.


Comment from admin
Time June 29, 2009 at 2:14 am Twitter

Big Money PTC maybe showing the first sign of a slow down as there’s only been around 6 PTC Ads per day recently when there was a lot more. Obviously there’s no sign of payment for my friend’s 2 x $1000+ requests and I think some people are at last realising it’s almost certainly a scam. Most members are also less than genuine as about 90% of them try to fake sign ups as my friend and I found out when we purchased guaranteed sign ups. There are according to Big Money PTC, 29347 members at the time of writing and they have apparently paid $30,775.75 so far when they haven’t been in business any where near the 60 business days which is the apparent waiting time for payment. I’m virtually certain that not one single person has genuinely been paid except the owner of Big Money PTC of course.

The 60 business day payout only exists so no-one can officially prove they are a scam for at least 3 months from going live. They will probably come out with bad excuses for another 3 months, meaning the owner will be ripping people off for a total of 6 months before their reputation gets so bad that they are forced to close or they will simply abandon the site until the domain expires, but by then the owner will have stolen a lot of money and will most likely have other similar sites that will been launched since to rip people off all over again. The owners of scam PTC sites should be called “criminals” as they are in fact criminals who are stealing money from innocent people and small businesses. More should be done to punish them and bring them to justice as at the moment hardly anything is done so it’s a free for all. I could start a similar PTC site myself and do the same and I doubt very much if I’d be caught as no-one in authority seems to bother, but I won’t as I’m an honest person. All this makes it very hard for genuine PTC sites to operate as they can only offer a small fraction of the benefits that fake scam sites pretend to offer, also it’s difficult for them to prove they are genuine as many people simply won’t trust them because there’s so many scams out numbering them now. It’s getting totally out of hand and the same can be said with other money making opportunities too as most of them are now blatant scams or pyramid schemes in disguise, making it ever harder for the genuine honest people out there.


Comment from admin
Time July 1, 2009 at 4:01 am Twitter

Well the fake payments are starting to sour ahead according to Big Money PTC at $33K+ when not one person has shown proof of payment.


I am going to stick my neck out now and confirm that Big Money PTC is in fact a fake / scam as they haven’t existed any where near 60 business days and are showing masses of payouts starting just a few days after launch, yet my friend is forced to wait the 60 days for his payout which clearly won’t ever arrive. This evidence is proof enough along with the certain FACT that the balance sheets are ridiculously unworkable with the extremely high payouts apparently being paid for by extremely low priced Ads that can’t possibly even come close to the cost of the payouts they promise. If they paid out, they would be losing $1000’s, so it’s not really happening. There will be more hard proof after the 60 business days is finally up WHEN my friend still won’t be paid and I can assure you it will be a WHEN and I can bet this website’s good reputation on it! I will stick my neck out further and will say that Rich PTC is also a fake / scam as it’s a sister site to Big Money PTC with the same system!

I challenge Big Money PTC or Rich PTC to prove me wrong and comment as I know you can’t!


Comment from sewmuch
Time July 4, 2009 at 12:34 pm

Well this is all very interesting
I am about half way through to earning my first $1000
Joined as premium and signed my husband as a referral so I surf his ads as well
I have sent them many emails but never get any answers
They said I would get guaranteed 10 referrals for premium gold memberships but have not yet seen them

I have now requested they pay me what I have earned as i dont want to wait 60 days etc. I know they wont answer me but its worth a try
I want to give this the flick but will keep going until i reach $1000 and see what happens

I really wish there was something we could all do about these sites as this is really giving me the sh…..
Spent money on real data entry and lost this as well. They dont pay. Big scam as well


Comment from admin
Time July 8, 2009 at 12:57 am Twitter

My friend has now made another $1075.00 from his referrals and has placed his 3rd payment request for what it’s worth.

Big Money PTC now owe my friend 3 payouts of $1001.20, $1070.50 and $1075.00 respectively, totalling a massive $3146.70 and he won’t even see a dime. The fake payment proof keeps continuing to increase and they apparently have 37004 members at the time of writing, paying out $40,119.75 which is a complete and utter lie for the reasons described above in my final conclusion.

Sewmuch, thanks for the comment, please let me know if they reply to any of your correspondence. It’s very doubtful they’ll reply to anything to do with payment requests when they fully intend to rip people off, at best you’ll get a very poor excuse back.


Comment from sewmuch
Time July 8, 2009 at 1:25 am

Hi Thanks for the reply
Yep they sure are shonky
Have now sent a total of 10 emails and still no reply.
Still heading towards my first $1000 to see what happens but it does sound as though they are a scam
I cannot believe people like this are allowed to get away with such behaviour. They should be in jail.
I only wish I could find something that really does pay but it appears, after many months or years of searching that everthing on the net to earn money is a scam


Comment from admin
Time July 10, 2009 at 5:01 am Twitter

Sewmuch, thanks for your comment, it’s a shame that there’s so many scams on the Internet, there are some genuine programs out there, but they usually don’t offer anywhere near as much as the scam sites claim to, for instance, the most I’ve ever seen a genuine Pay To Click site payout is 2 Cents a click. Sadly I can guarantee that you’ll get to $1000 with Big Money PTC, you’ll request payment and your request will sit there indefinitely as a pending withdrawal until they decide to close down when it gets too hot for them, by then they’ll have at least one replacement scam site to continue stealing people’s time and money. Yes, I agree that these criminals should be put in prison and this crime should be taken more seriously by authorities.


Comment from admin
Time July 20, 2009 at 2:49 am Twitter

Obviously no sign of any of my friends 3 payments, the same rubbish and fake payout proof continuing to rise.


Comment from admin
Time July 24, 2009 at 1:03 am Twitter

3 Top Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed Using PTC Sites:

1…Avoid any PTC that promises to pay more than 2 cents per click. If 2 cents per click or sometimes less isn’t worth it to you, then don’t use PTC sites at all as I’ve never seen a genuine site as yet that pays more than this. Some sites offer a ridiculous $1 or even $2 per click which they cannot possibly afford to pay and they have absolutely no intention to pay members 1 single cent, so don’t waste your time.

2…Search on-line for the site name and the word, “scam” on Google to see what comes up before signing up.

3…Only use the sites listed on http://www.genuine-ptcs.com to be extra safe.

Why It’s So Important That People Stop Falling For Scam PTC Sites:

Please remember that scam PTC sites are a thriving criminal business, that’s because people keep using them thinking that there’s a slim chance they will pay even if the amount promised is ridiculously high and/or they are reported as scam sites across the Internet. If people stopped falling for these scams, scam PTC sites would slowly die out making it easier for the legitimate sites out there to exist. Unfortunately legitimate PTC sites struggle as they can’t possibly promise as much as a scam site when they really do pay and because there’s so many scams out there, it’s getting harder for the genuine sites to prove they really do pay. Scam sites are illegally pushing legitimate sites out of business and are destroying PTC business completely. If more people stopped falling for scam PTCs and started supporting the legitimate PTC sites instead, legitimate PTC sites would thrive and would be able to offer more genuine rewards.

Please sign up and support known genuine PTC sites and be very careful not to use and support any scams.



Comment from admin
Time July 31, 2009 at 11:39 pm Twitter

For what it’s worth, my friend has requested a 4th payment from BigMoneyPTC as he’s reached another $1008.00 just from referral earnings. He now has $4154.70 in pending withdrawals, the first was requested on June 9th 2009. Obviosuly he will never see 1p of this. The fake payouts page continues to grow.

Someone should at least work towards getting this site and many others similar closed down, this crime should be taken seriously as it’s now a massive criminal business. Forces should be in place to attempt to track down these criminals and bring them to justice. As it stands, the amount of scams are exploding, they’re already outnumbering genuine ‘pay to’ sites on the Internet. Something needs doing.


Comment from admin
Time August 19, 2009 at 2:03 am Twitter

I’ve noticed they’ve increased the time viewing per site to 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds. It now effectively takes 3 times as long to get to your $1000 so you can simply get ripped off.

I have sent the following in their contact from with my email:

“Why aren’t you paying? Unless you begin paying out as promised, you will be reported to the police and other authorities as you’re earning money by fraud and deception which is a criminal offence in all developed countries.”

I doubt if they will bother to reply.



Comment from admin
Time August 31, 2009 at 3:17 am Twitter

My friend has made another $1205.50 from referrals alone, he has now made 5 withdrawal requests totalling $5,360.20 since June 9th. They even haven’t paid out 1 cent despite fake payment proof which is regularly updating. They’re wasting even more of people’s time for nothing as now you have to view Ads for 30 seconds for nothing instead of 10 seconds, a blatant kick in the teeth.


No surprise there, just to confirm again that BigMoneyPTC is a complete scam as I’ve been saying for months, but people are still signing up making these criminals money!

Here is my latest contact form to BigMoneyPTC for what it’s worth, “You’re being reported to various authorities for scamming people and not paying out. You’re committing fraud and deception which is a criminal offence, I sincerely hope you are eventually brought to justice.”

More should be done to catch these criminals and to get sites like this removed.


Comment from admin
Time September 13, 2009 at 6:02 am Twitter


It’s now over 90 working days since my friend requested payout on June 9th 2009 and BigMoneyPTC are ignoring all Emails without paying 1 Cent. There’s another 4 payouts still not paid, also requested!


Similar can be said of RichPTC and many more PTCs.


Comment from bestmommy
Time September 22, 2009 at 10:03 pm StumbleUpon Twitter

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Big Money-PTC. Here’s another one to stay away from promails.org. They also promise huge payments per click with a $10,000 minimum cash out. Way too good to be true! Clixsense is legit.


Comment from bestmommy
Time September 22, 2009 at 10:04 pm StumbleUpon Twitter

http://www.clixsense.com/?2889058 Here’s the link to join for free.


Comment from admin
Time September 26, 2009 at 1:14 pm Twitter


BigMoneyPTC have sent out a fake testimonial to members that’s supposed to be from a premium member who was surprised that they were paid $1085 within 50 days.

THIS IS RUBBISH AND A BLATANT LIE – PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THIS! My friend has been waiting almost 4 months now for a payment and has requested a total of 4 payments that haven’t been received. BigMoneyPTC are ignoring all EMails and requests. They are a scam!

BigMoneyPTC are doing this because too many people are realising now that they are a scam and aren’t using their accounts, they want to change this to falsely scam people as much as possible. They hope you will become a premium member, but please remember that they promised to pay ALL members who reach $1000, so don’t fall for the scam think they will pay just because you are a premium member as THEY WON’T!


Comment from admin
Time October 1, 2009 at 12:05 am Twitter


My friend has already requested 5 payouts from the 1st June, 18th June, 7th July, 31st July and 31st August 2009. He’s obviously not received a single Cent even though the 1st payout is extremely overdue, while BigMoneyPTC continue to ignore all contact.

He has received a reminder to claim his 6th payout as his referrals have pushed him yet again over the $1000 threshold. Yes, a reminder to withdraw his money, what a blatant cheek, but it all adds to the illusion that they are genuine along with the fake testimonial and the fake payout proof. He will never receive it, but for the hell of it he’s requested it anyway just to prove even more to people that they’re definitely a scam.

My friend is now waiting for at total of $6,576.70 from BigMoneyPTC in 6 payouts since the 9th June 2009, they always ignore all contact about payments and won’t pay 1 since Cent. It’s almost 4 months and THEY DON’T PAY, THE ARE A SCAM! Unfortunately thousands of people are still using BigMoneyPTC, holding onto the hope that they just might just pay – I REPEAT, THEY DON’T PAY AND YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!

I suspect BigMoneyPTC will be getting close to saturation soon, but watch out as it’s very likely they have already set-up various sister sites that scam exactly the same including http://www.richptc.com/. Only use sites listed at http://www.genuine-ptcs.com/ to be on the safe side, but remember that genuine sites will only pay a maximum of around 2 Cents per click.

I am now posting a screen print of 6 pending payouts as 100% proof it’s a scam, please see the main article above and scroll down from the top.


BigMoneyPTC continues to draw thousands of members who are ALL being ripped off, yet authorities are still do absolutely nothing or hardly anything to stop them. These criminals (and they are criminals) can and will make numerous duplicate scam sites earning them a virtually limitless amount of fraudulent money. They have scammed thousands of dollars / pounds from honest people all over the world, yet this criminal fraud isn’t even taken seriously and because of this, scam “get paid” and “paid to click” sites now out number the genuine ones. Because there’s so many scam sites, it’s hard for genuine sites to compete as they can only offer a small fraction of what scam sites claim to offer. Also it’s hard for a genuine sites to get off the ground these days because they struggle to prove they’re genuine even when they are. The Internet has become a massive media for criminals to commit this type of fraud and deception with very little worry about being caught and punished, something surely needs to be done as it’s out of hand?


Comment from admin
Time October 1, 2009 at 2:14 pm Twitter

I notice BigMoneyPTC are trying to get more people to become premium members, by a fake premium member testimonial sent to everyone’s email address and I’ve noticed that there’s massive amounts of premium member Ads all of a sudden and hardly any Ads for standard members. I suspect the Ads have been doctored. Don’t buy premium membership as you still won’t get paid and BigMoneyPTC will rip you off for both your time and money! They are supposed to pay out when you reach the threshold $1000 no matter what membership you have and they certainly don’t.


Comment from admin
Time October 9, 2009 at 4:51 am Twitter

BigMoneyPTC Is Squeezing As Much As Possible From The Scam!


6 payments are still outstanding for my friend and always will be, some are extremely overdue for payment from early June 2009 and BigMoneyPTC continue to ignore all contact. They are having a last ditch attempt to squeeze more money out of this scam by encouraging people to upgrade to premium membership. Most Ads are now for premium members only (I suspect some of these are even doctored), the time limit for viewing Ads has been increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds for standard members and they sent a fake testimonial from a fictional premium member to all standard members. Don’t fall for this scam as I promise and guarantee that they will never pay anyone 1 single Cent whether you’re a standard or premium member and they will almost certainly take as much money as they can before ultimately closing or abandoning the website. Unfortunately they’re likely to have already started numerous sister sites by then, so watch out and remember that no PTC can afford to pay anything like $1 a click ($0.02 a click is the most I’ve seen a genuine site pay so far). Until something is done to catch these criminals, fake PTC and other “paid to” scam sites remain big business and according to BigMoneyPTC they have 137,081 members at the time of writing. I’m unsure if they really have this massive number of members as I suspect they’re even exaggerating about this to attract more members, but I would imagine they have certainly scammed quite a few thousand people at least.

I say once more time, BIGMONEYPTC IS A PROVEN SCAM! I also say once more, use sites listed on the following site to avoid other PTC scams:


This site also has a good list of scam sites.



Neobux is one of the best genuine PTC sites available today and it’s now well established. It doesn’t pay anything like what scam sites promise, but that’s because it’s genuine AND THEY DO PAY. The minimum payout threshold is just $2.00. Please click the banner below to join:


Comment from admin
Time October 23, 2009 at 5:01 am Twitter

Obviously my friend continues NOT to be paid for 6 payment requests now totally $6576.70, some are extremely overdue. BigMoneyPTC continue to ignore contact and even threats while publicising FAKE payment proof. It’s about time they were shut down. Anyway, I’ve just sent a psychological email message to the owner, trying hard to provoke a reaction and ultimately some sort of reply. If by amazement I get an answer, I will publicise it here.


Comment from admin
Time November 4, 2009 at 5:48 am Twitter


Complaint sent to Paypal, Alertpay, their domain registrar & their Web Host!

If you come across a blatant scam site, please complain to their payment processors and also to their website host as they have the power to take action against them. See how I’ve complained about BigMoneyPTC below. Please, PLEASE do your bit to help stop them as TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I have written a formal complaint about BigMoneyPTC to both Paypal and Alertpay asking them to ban them from taking any more fraudulent payments from people for membership and referrals using their good name. I have linked to their fake proof of payments page so they can check this against their records as it will prove to them that BigMoneyPTC haven’t paid 1 single Cent to anyone since their launch. I’ve also complained that they say it can take 60 working days for payment so people are then unable to file disputes because the transaction(s) will be too old and that this is also part of the nasty scam.

I won’t hold my breath that Paypal or Alertpay will bother to take any actual action, but I will update if and when I get any replies. Someone finally needs to stand up against BigMoneyPTC and other similar scam sites like this, I urge other people to also complain to Paypal and Alertpay about them as the more complaints the more likely disciplinary action will be taken against them. It will be quite a blow to them if their Paypal and Alertpay accounts get suspended. YOU have the power in numbers to achieve this.

I have also taken a look at the WHO IS information for BigMoneyPTC using http://www.who.is and they have even paid to cover up their true identity using WhoisGuard so it’s harder to trace them when you’ve been scammed, but they have a legal responsibility to forward any emails Etc, although BigMoneyPTC don’t and obviously won’t respond. They have registered the domain using a company named Enom who I’m also complaining to in writing by reporting domain abuse. Additionally, I’m complaining to NameCheap as they appear to be hosting the website on their servers. I will also update with any reply if any and I again urge other people to do the same as YOU really do have the power to finally close BigMoneyPTC and RichPTC down if enough people complain with me.

Incidentally RichPTC is registered with exactly the same details and as BigMoneyPTC. I’ve warned before that this is a sister site of BigMoneyPTC. Other sister sites are likely to continue springing up too, so please watch out!

Summary to complain about BigMoneyPTC and/or RichPTC:

1…Complain to Paypal which one of their main payment processors.
2…Complain to Alertpay which is their other main payment processor.
3…Complain to their domain registrar, Enom to report domain abuse.
4…PLEASE SEE COMMENT BELOW FIRST! Complain to their domain host, Namescheap and open a ticket about ‘legal and abuse’ or ‘fraud’.



Comment from admin
Time November 4, 2009 at 1:15 pm Twitter

Namescheap are trying to say BigMoneyPTC isn’t hosted on their servers even though it’s coming up in Who Is as such and they’re contact Email is in fact on this record. I’m not giving up this easily and will try to check their DNS record.


Comment from admin
Time November 8, 2009 at 3:32 pm Twitter

I’ve made my complaints, but no-one wants to know. Alertpay & Paypal haven’t even bothered reading my complaint properly and are asking me to file a dispute when to do this I have to have brought from BigMoneyPTC. My point is that BigMoneyPTC shouldn’t be taking Alertpay or Paypal payments as they’re scamming and ripping people off. So much for them protecting the buyer when they’re the payment processors for a company that’s ripping off thousands of innocent people making them a criminal fortune. The domain registrar and their website host aren’t interested either and are denying all responsibility. The website is on Namecheap’s servers according to WhoIs records, but they’re denying this. The website host is in my opinion out of line as they’re now directly helping this criminal organisation to continue to exist. Yes, BigMoneyPTC is a criminal organisation as they’re making thousands from committing fraud and deception, yet no-one will take the matter seriously. I will keep complaining and won’t give up. This is why more people need to complain to get these organisations to listen. PLEASE MAKE A STAND!

Of course there’s still no sign of any payment from BigMoneyPTC and there clearly never will be, the 1st request is now 5 months old and they still refuse to answer any correspondence! The fake payment proof section continues to grow along with the fake amount they’ve meant to of paid out. They have paid out 0 Cents, NOTHING!


Comment from sewmuch
Time November 9, 2009 at 5:27 am

I also have written to Pay Pal to complain and this is the response I got
Thank you for writing PayPal. My name is Arvie from Australian
Resolution Services and I’m glad to be of assistance.

We appreciate you reporting this matter to us. Your email has been
forwarded to the relevant department, while we conduct an investigation
you may also report this to a reputable Internet Fraud Reporting sites.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Dont know if this will do any good but i guess it all helps

I have also been subject to other sites which dont pay as well and I am going to do the same thing


Comment from bestmommy
Time November 9, 2009 at 6:11 am StumbleUpon Twitter

Scam PTC’s are a huge problem but there are some legit sites that do pay. If anyone here is interested in getting a paypal deposit every Friday then just signup for YouData. They’ve paid me on time every Friday since July and there is no minimum payout. Whatever is in your account at the end of the week you will receive. You get paid to view ads, usually around .05-.10 per ad/website you visit. They don’t send a lot of ads but you will get paid weekly–NO SCAM HERE. The more friends you refer the more you could make as well. Here’s my link if you’d like to check it out. http://www.youdata.com/join/bestmommy4


Comment from admin
Time November 12, 2009 at 2:38 am Twitter

We have NO connection to BigMoneyPTC!

For some reason a couple of people have started demanding money from PJCNET (this website) thinking that we are connected with BigMoneyPTC!

We have absolutely no connection to BigMoneyPTC in any way what-so-ever and we don’t want any connection to this awful scam site. If this website was connected to BigMoneyPTC then why would we investigate and post proof that it’s a scam? Please read the post above.

Please direct demands for payment to the correct people and not PJCNET as it’s not our fault that you’ve been scammed. PJCNET is a non profit website and doesn’t receive or make payments to anyone, we are therefore NOT a pay site and we never will be. I sympathise that people been ripped off by BigMoneyPTC and perhaps other scams, especially if you’ve brought paid membership and that’s why I’ve written this blog exposing them. I am willing to do anything possible to stop these criminals continuing their business. Please complain to Paypal, Alertpay to attempt to recover paid membership and don’t give up easily. If it’s too late to file a dispute, explain to them in writing that a 60 working day wait for payment is part of the scam so that it’s too late to file a dispute. Good luck!


Comment from admin
Time November 12, 2009 at 2:55 am Twitter

Don’t touch http://www.fineptc.com either as they claim to offer a stupid $10 a click and this isn’t feasibly possible. $1 a click isn’t feasibly possible either as genuine sites can only afford to pay around $0.01 a click, take it or leave it.

I say again, please see http://www.genuine-ptcs.com/ for a list of genuine PTC sites and I recommend you stick to them.

If you don’t like the payouts for genuine PTC sites, then don’t use PTC sites as this is what genuine sites can actually afford to pay. Remember, it’s better to get paid a small amount than to get offered a large amount without actually receiving 1 Cent.

Here is one more tip for helping decide which PTC sites are scam sites along with many other scam sites, check their WHOIS record on their domain, most scam sites use WhoisGuard or similar so you can’t contact them directly or discover their true address. It certainly doesn’t mean a site is a scam just because they are hiding this information alone, but if a site is genuine they wouldn’t usually mind people knowing this information.


Comment from admin
Time November 17, 2009 at 1:41 pm Twitter

BigMoneyPTC Asking People To Be Active To Be Paid – ANOTHER SCAM:

BigMoneyPTC have written to my friend advising him that he must now be active at least once a week to be paid. He was active every day for over 4 months and DIDN’T RECEIVE 1 CENT after numerous requests! This is another scam where they now attempt to give a pathetic excuse why people aren’t paid and to get people to use the system again so to scam even more money illegally. The email even says that they’ve paid out over $180,000 which is RUBBISH! Search the Internet, not one independent person has been paid by BigMoneyPTC!



Comment from admin
Time November 22, 2009 at 5:10 am Twitter

Also see http://www.beenpaid.com/award/ for a great site that gives a seal of approval for genuine “Get Paid To” sites.


Comment from ricmay30
Time November 24, 2009 at 9:07 am

Thank you admin!

I’m also a BIGmoneyPTC member and I still have about 3 weeks if i’m not mistaken for my 60 days to expire. I’ve reached about $3,261. And I also have a friend who has reached like $14,000+ and she also purchased referrals and they never gave them to her. And she also emailed them many times and she never got a reply from them.

I also DO NOT recommend signing up with EnrichPTC either for they are also a SCAM. They claim to PAY INSTANTLY when you reach your $500 like I did. And when you select on either Paypal or Alertpay links as your payment processers, it will give you a message saying “Sorry but due to cheaters we are NOT able to pay instantly.” And then they ask you to email “admin@enrichptc.com with your payout amount. But after sending them several emails requesting my $500 INSTANT PAYOUT, those crooks decided to DELETE my account for good.

NeoBux is the best in my opinion – http://www.neobux.com/?r=richmay30

Here is some helpful information about one or the only crook behind these PTC SCAMS. His name is MICHAEL PRATT.


I remember purchasing referrals and a 1 time monthly membership of $19.95 for BIGmoneyPTC in September 26,2009 when I first joined them. And on my Alertpay account it had the name “pratt” as the recipients email address.

Anyways, thank you admin you are doing a fantastic job exposing these PTC SCAMS. Keep it up!


Comment from admin
Time November 28, 2009 at 6:28 am Twitter

Thanks ricmay30 for your useful and well written comment, obviously BigMoneyPTC will never pay 1 single Cent to ANYONE and you already realise this fact.


Comment from khalidkhan
Time January 6, 2010 at 4:45 pm

hallo farands


Comment from admin
Time January 15, 2010 at 2:57 am Twitter


BigMoney have just sent out another Email claiming they have paid out $230,000 so far WHEN THEY HAVEN’T PAID A SINGLE CENT! It again tells people to remain active at least once a week to receive pending payments which is TOTAL UTTER RUBBISH, my friend was active nearly every day for over 6 months without any payments requested. He’s is still owed all 6 payments and over $6000 which he knows he will never ever receive. Obviously they ignore all attempts of correspondence. They’re continuing this scam by making pathetic excuses for people not being paid, trying to scam as much money as possible from people already scammed, trying to get them to continue using the system which makes them even more illegal advertising revenue.

People are still regularly asking me if BigMoneyPTC is a scam or how to get a pending payment when they reach $1000, I REPEAT AGAIN – BIGMONEYPTC IS A BLATENT SCAM – THEY WILL NEVER PAY NO MATTER HOW ACTIVE YOUR ACCOUNT IS! Sorry if you’ve been scammed already!

I repeat once again, the owners of BigMoneyPTC are in fact criminals as they’re continuing to commit fraud and deception to illegally make as much revenue as possible from advertising and premium memberships without paying anything in return as clearly promised. For this statement I won’t even write a legal disclaimer as it truly is a fact! I’d love the illegal scam artists at BigMoneyPTC to respond to this accusation, but it’s extremely unlikely as they know it’s the truth. No-one would bother joining BigMoneyPTC at all if they definitely knew they won’t receive a single Cent for clicking on the so called ‘paid’ to click Ads and most certainly no-one would buy premium membership as this is worth absolutely nothing with no chance of receiving 1 Cent in return no matter what! Please also see the 100% proof of no payments in the original article above if you’re still not convinced that BigMoneyPTC is a scam!

(Please see http://www.beenpaid.com/award/ for some great genuine PTC sites, but don’t expect payments greater than around 2 Cent a click as this is the most any genuine site can feasibly afford – take it or leave it. Don’t bother with sites offering much more like BigMoneyPTC as they’re bound to be a scam!)


Comment from wonder2009
Time January 22, 2010 at 5:52 pm

I totally agree. I have currently over $3,000 waiting to be deposited into my PayPal account from richptc. Michael Pratt (the owner of richptc and other ’scam’ PTC sites) has been receiving some bad reviews about his dishonesty. If he is doing this, he makes me sick.

The thing about PTC sites is that EVERYONE must be paid. It’s no good if 1 out of every 500 people are paid. That’s not good enough. Every member of a PTC site, who reaches the minimum payout, MUST be paid. If even 1 person is NOT paid, then the site is a scam.

I will be starting my own PTC site from Australia very soon. The Pay per Click amount will be a lot less than Michael Pratt’s websites ($1 – $10 per click) but at least I will pay my members when they reach their minimum earnings.

I am also considering legal action against any PTC site that does not fulfill their promise to pay. This is definitely a crime and it must be stopped NOW!

You can tell the ‘amatuer’ PTC sites as their English is not grammatically correct and makes their site amateur and a laugh in my opinion.

So, admin, keep up the good work and let’s expose these horrible sites that prey on people’s weakness and exploites for thier own profit.

I will support you all the way. And please…don’t apologise if your friend gets paid..because there are hundreds of other members who do not! Like I mentioned, even if ONE person is not paid, then it is a scam.

How is it that you have to wait 60 business days to receive a payment through Paypal, when I have received payment into my Paypal account in less than 48hours???

The absolute maximum that PTC sites must provide payment is no more than 7 business days.

Let’s put a stop to these scams once and for all!


Comment from wonder2009
Time January 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Also, I just have to ad, why is it that whenever I log into RichPTC, that there are apparently 520,900 ‘members’ and only 108 online???? This is at 5.00pm AEST. So what are the other 520,792 members doing? Surely there would be more members online at any given time!


Comment from admin
Time January 23, 2010 at 5:17 am Twitter

Thanks Wonder2009 for your useful comments above, yes RichPTC is exactly the same as BigMoneyPTC and is certainly a blatant scam, I very strongly doubt that anyone has really been paid by RichPTC because paying $1 per click isn’t affordable or feasible from any genuine PTC site. I would love to see scam artists like Michael Pratt arrested and prosecuted for fraud and deception as he is making a large income illegally by blatantly ripping people off, yet for some reason this crime still isn’t taken seriously by authorities when it involves an on-line PTC site or similar despite it being a serious criminal offence. If someone ripped people off directly in person for this amount, the police would be investigating the matter very seriously, so what’s different just because it’s on-line as it’s still fraud?

Because nothing is being done to effectively stop this fraud, these criminals are taking full advantage of it as it’s virtually risk free. Scam PTC sites are now completely saturating the market and often one scam artist will keep launching sister scam PTC sites to rip as many people off as possible with multiple streams of fraudulent income, when one scam PTC site is repeatedly exposed and eventually starts dying, the scam artist may have already launched another 3 scam PTC sites or perhaps even more. Since scam artists are not interested in any form of customer service what-so-ever, these fake PTC sites usually virtually run on autopilot while the criminal owner simply sits back and watches their bank account grow. Even the scripts used to control the PTC website are often stolen copyrighted material that they haven’t paid for. These criminals are now illegally stealing most of the PTC paid advertising revenue available along with most of the potential PTC membership across the market, they’re effectively destroying the PTC market altogether. All this makes it extremely difficult for any genuine PTC site to continue to exist and it’s almost impossible for any new PTC sites to gain people’s trust in the first place. Any potential new PTC members have usually either been ripped off in the past and are now very suspicious about new sites or they’re not informed about these scams meaning they will probably wrongfully choose a fake PTC site that promises to pay an excellent payout instead of a genuine site that can only afford to pay a small fraction of what a fake site promises to pay, many of these people will spend many hours clicking on Ads for absolutely nothing over the coming weeks and will be shocked not to be paid at the end of their hard work. Okay there are review sites (see link below) that give awards to 100% genuine PTC sites that have certainly paid out already, but to be awarded a genuine PTC site has to get quite a few members in the first place to be able to get enough paid advertising for people to reach the pay out threshold. Getting off the ground for new genuine PTC sites is therefore becoming increasingly difficult thanks to scam PTC sites and is already close to impossible at the time of writing. If it wasn’t for literally hundreds of scam PTC sites, genuine PTC sites would be able to flourish and this revenue would eventually be passed on to members.

Yes, if a PTC site says it takes 60 days (or worse business days) for a payment to be processed, it’s certainly not a good start and it certainly makes receiving a payment unlikely, but please don’t assume it’s a genuine PTC site just because they promise instant or quick payments on reaching the payment threshold. Some PTC sites promise instant payments and still don’t pay a Cent to anyone, they normally give a pathetic excuse at the time of payment, usually saying that they’ve now stopped paying instantly due to people trying to commit fraud against them which is utter rubbish, they then never ever pay and ignore all correspondence like all the the other scam PTC sites.

Yes, I also suspect that the number of members is sometimes doctored to make these scam PTC sites look more popular than they really are to attract new members so they can rip them off. The so called “payout proof” and the amount paid so far is most certainly fake on these sites as they’ve really not paid a single Cent to anyone, so it’s clearly very easy for them to doctor this information as they see fit. It’s all part of the elaborate hoax.

I continue to advise people to stick to the sites awarded and tested 100% genuine at http://www.beenpaid.com/award/, but don’t expect to get paid $1 a click or even 10 Cents a click, genuine sites can’t afford to pay more than around 1 Cent a click or 2 Cents at an absolute push, take it or leave it, but remember that it’s much better to get paid a small amount than to be promised a lot more only to be scammed.

Advertisers – PLEASE Boycott Fraudulent PTC Sites:

If you’re an advertiser, please don’t advertise on a fake PTC sites or stop doing so immediately. You may not be directly getting ripped off yourself by advertising on fake PTC sites because it’s members are effectively still clicking on your Ad(s) even though they’re not being paid as promised, but by buying Ads you are directly helping these fraudulent con artists and criminals make money as without advertisers these fake PTC sites would cease to exist or would become completely dormant as there wouldn’t be any Ads for members to click on or revenue for the scam artist(s). Please stick to the PTC sites that are approved on http://www.beenpaid.com/award/ to support genuine and honest PTC sites instead of criminals. Remember that if you need customer service for any reason or help, you’re not likely to get any from fake PTC sites. Also one obviously cannot be 100% sure that you have really received all your clicks as advertised as you’re dealing with a criminal or criminals and for this reason I certainly wouldn’t recommend passing to them any personal information including credit card details in payment. Incidentally, the quality of your Ad clicks is also likely to be better on genuine PTC sites as membership is more likely to be monitored for quality and this will for-instance help prevent the same person from clicking your Ad(s) on numerous occasions under multiple usernames. Good luck and thank you for understanding!


Comment from Tica
Time February 17, 2010 at 9:12 pm

Like you all, I have been in some of these scams, but who can tell me for real that they have been in the other ones you, Admin, mention here and say that they do pay? Are there some other people who have try them and got paid? I would like to know. Thanks.


Comment from Tica
Time February 17, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Hi again, another thing, why don’t we all get the same addresses, etc., to s have legal action against these companies, we all get together and complaint at the same place. Legal action together is stronger. What do you think?


Comment from admin
Time February 21, 2010 at 5:27 am Twitter

Thanks for your comments, Tica, and sorry for the delayed reply. Not one single person as far as I know has ever been genuinely paid by BigMoneyPTC except of-course the owner who is raking it in from advertising revenue created entirely from masses of members who are only reading the Ads because they believe they’re going to be paid for it. They get even more fraudulent money from premium memberships which promise higher payouts, but they’re completely worthless as they still never pay a Cent. The owner almost certainly runs similar sister sites like RichPTC that multiply their illegal and fraudulent income and there’s no end to it. I understand that even the script that runs the website is pirated and therefore stolen.

I would love people to be able to get together and take legal action against these scam artists, but the first difficult task is tracking down the owner(s). You can’t take legal action against someone without firstly knowing their full details and they might not even be based in the same country as the person trying to sue. If someone was scamming people off-line and committing fraud and deception making $1000s illegally, authorities would take the crime very seriously, yet because it’s happening on-line, it’s left to continue without any investigation what-so-ever. Because there’s hardly any chance of being punished for this crime, Internet scams like this are flourishing at the expense of genuine companies. Authorities around the world should unite and take this type fraud and deception seriously as only they have to the resources and powers to track down and bring the owners of these fraudulent websites to justice. One wouldn’t expect this to be too difficult for authorities as they could track payment from advertisers and premium members that are paid by Paypal or Alertpay Etc until the money reaches the owner(s).

Even More Evidence that BigMoneyPTC Is A Scam:

Incidentally, my friend has requested a 7th payment as his account has gone above the $1000 threshold yet again from referrals beneath him. They now owe him a total of $8116.20 since his 1st request in June 2009, but he obviously still hasn’t received a single Cent and never will!


Comment from umdan2k
Time February 26, 2010 at 3:24 am

I am really tired of being scammed. I have a friend who allegedly got paid by this BigMoneyPTC.com. I have made $5,025.00 in 2 months without been paid a penny. I wonder if these Scammers don’t have a heart!!! I am a 40 year old disabled person who was looking for a better life.


Comment from admin
Time February 26, 2010 at 4:03 am Twitter

Thanks for your comment umdan2k. I’d like to see the proof of your friend actually being paid as I’ve certainly not heard of anyone being paid by BigMoneyPTC and my friend hasn’t been paid now for 8 months since his first request of many, while BigMoneyPTC ignore all correspondence about the matter, so I have to say that I’m quite sceptical. Yes unfortunately there’s too many scams out there on-line, please remember that in most cases you have to work very hard for any genuine money available on-line.


Comment from admin
Time March 28, 2010 at 2:16 pm Twitter

My friend has now been waiting 9 months to get paid and obviously never will. The site is still going strong, continuing to rip unfortunate people off.


Comment from admin
Time April 13, 2010 at 12:28 pm Twitter

I’ve added more non payment scam proof to the main article above, my friend has now been waiting over 10 months and won’t ever be paid obviously, yet BigMoneyPTC continue to rip people off. Remember to also avoid their sister site, RichPTC too and any other PTCs that claim to pay more than 1 or 2 Cent per click (E.g. $1 or even $10) as they can’t afford this and they’re all scams.


Comment from workfrmhome
Time June 26, 2010 at 6:43 pm

If you want to earn a money online be a member of Peoplestring. It is geniune. Please click on below link


Comment from admin
Time July 24, 2010 at 1:21 pm Twitter

We haven’t tested Peoplestring at PJCNET and therefore we can’t recommend or advise against joining, so please join at your own discretion and risk. If you decide to sign up using the affiliate link above, please let me know honestly about how you get on.

Incidentally there’s obviously still no payouts from BigMoneyPTC what-so-ever and the first payment request is now almost a whole year overdue since it was requested June 2009. BIGMONEYPTC IS MOST DEFINITELY A SCAM, DON’T USE IT!


Comment from superfridi
Time August 29, 2010 at 5:02 am

BIGMONEYPTC.COM is a big scam. and they really are bastards. I have used this website my self.and after $1000 you just have a long long (never ending) waiting for fund transfer to you paypal…


Comment from admin
Time December 17, 2010 at 4:50 pm Twitter

I really can’t believe this blatant scam is still up and running after over a year and a half of ripping thousands of people off and still counting, obviously my friend never received a single Cent out of all his various payment requests and BigMoneyPTC have never responded to any correspondence and never will after well over a year of trying. People generally don’t want Internet content policing, but I wish there was an authority to get sites such as this one closed down for good and the owner brought to justice for fraud. As it stands, running fraudulent sites like this one pays good money and even though the owner is committing illegal criminal activities, there’s a only very small chance of being brought to justice for the crime, because of this scam sites vastly outnumber legitimate sites and this needs to change as it’s already out of hand.

The scammers are the only ones to make big money from sites like this as they get revenue from both advertising and by ripping people off further by tricking them into purchasing totally worthless paid memberships and worthless paid referrals (if you have brought paid membership or paid referrals, file a dispute with Paypal or Alertpay as some people have managed to get a refund since the only reason for making this purchase is to earn extra revenue and since they certainly never pay a single Cent no matter what, all money taken is fraudulent and you’ve been deceived!). They are also often constantly starting up similar sister sites to make lots more money many times over. It’s even very common for their website PTC site script to be pirated, which means they even rip off legitimate programmers and developers. Since the website is a complete scam, it is left running virtually on autopilot, making a steady fraudulent income since they don’t even respond to any support requests, they usually only occasionally interact to promote the scam even further or to make small changes to the website.

BigMoneyPTC is still happily taking both Paypal and Alertpay payments, WHY? In my opinion these reputable and large payment processing companies should be doing a lot more to protect their customers by banning fraudulent sites like this from using their services. In fact if Paypal and Alertpay banned BigMoneyPTC and other proven scam sites after receiving multiple complaints, they’d have to take credit cards directly and less people are likely to risk purchasing, but in this situation Mastercard and Visa should also make moves towards banning such fraudulent companies too after they receive multiple complaints. Blocking fraudulent companies from taking payments would be an effective way of preventing such fraud as such dodgy companies would then be forced to look for lessor known or dodgy payment processors if they want to continue their existence and most people will know or learn not to trust sites that don’t offer reputable payment processors such as Paypal / Alertpay and/or Visa / Mastercard.

Remember for legitimate Pay To Click sites, please see:




…but don’t expect to be paid anything close to like $1 a click as this amount just isn’t affordable and only scam sites promise this, in fact $0.01 a click is a good payout amount for a genuine PTC site (take it or leave it – it’s 1000 times better than being promised $1+ a click and then receiving nothing!).


Comment from wonder2009
Time January 1, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Hi everyone..well I thought I’d check and see if Rich PTC had sent out any payments to me..well of course they haven’t!

So…to date (2nd January 2011) Rich PTC owes me a grand total of $9,924.95. Where is it?????

I have been waiting since my first withdrawal on January 11th 2010. One year on and I still have not seen a single scrap of money. This is a joke.

There needs to be a fraud website set up so that these PTC sites can be reported, investigated, shut down and the admin forced to pay $$$$$.

I can only conclude that these scammers who set up these sites have little or no time on their hands, nor do they have any sense of morality..shame on them. I hope justice will win in the end, but I doubt it somehow.


Comment from admin
Time January 7, 2011 at 6:45 pm Twitter

Thanks for your comment Wonder2009.

Unfortunately RichPTC is a sister site of BigMoneyPTC and they also offer ridiculous payment amounts that can’t possibly be afforded from advertisements on a PTC site, sadly there’s masses of similar sites out there and new ones are appearing all the time. I’m afraid you most definitely won’t see 1 cent of the money RichPTC owe you and they almost certainly will ignore all correspondence. Sorry to tell you bad news, but it’s better to know so you to move on to better things rather than wasting your time hoping for money that you just won’t receive no matter what you do. It’s also proved very easy for fraudulent sites like this to show fake past payout information in an attempt to deceive and convince people into trusting them, the list of so called payouts and the amount they’ve supposed to have paid is worthless made up rubbish, they won’t have paid anyone a single Cent.

Please see my above comment with links to 2 sites that list genuine PTC sites that certainly pay out, but expect no more than around 1p or 1-2 Cent per click maximum as this is all that genuine sites can feasibly afford to pay out from their advertising revenue. If you don’t think this is enough money for your work, then simply don’t bother using PTC sites at all as this is the real deal!

Receiving a small payment however is infinitely better than being offered $1 or more a click while receiving absolutely nothing because of being taken in by a nasty scam. Also by using a fraudulent site like RichPTC or BigMoneyPTC, you’re increasing the revenue into the pockets of the criminals who own these sites as they get more money from advertising. Unfortunately not enough people refer to these scam artists as criminals and they are CRIMINALS! They should be taken more seriously by authorities as it’s fraud and deception and it’s making these scam artists big money with hardly any risk of being caught and arrested! There’s now so many fraudulent sites on the Internet including PTC sites that it’s become very difficult for what’s becoming the minority of genuine sites to survive and gain people’s trust. People are becoming sceptical of many of these genuine sites too since they’ve often been scammed so many times in the past and they need all the help they can get to survive, yet authorities still virtually ignore this type of fraud as very low priority and that’s part of why it’s now so wide spread.

How Too Easy It Is To Set-up A Fraudulent PTC Site To Rip People Off:

Its far too easy for virtually anyone with some website experience to set-up a PTC site that runs virtually on autopilot once it’s initially advertised and this can be achieved freely too, often by simply optimising and submitting the site to search engines like Google.

Many webmasters will probably start by placing a some bogus PTC ads themselves so the site looks active until people start paying for real ads as the amount of users increases, they may also under charge for paid Ads initially to get the site through the most difficult stage which is getting started. It’s much easier to set-up a fraudulent site over a genuine site that pays out since the books don’t need to balance, the business doesn’t need to be properly registered, tax doesn’t need to be paid and they can offer much higher payouts to get people’s attention since nothing will ever be paid out anyway, they can also add various bogus users that they can claim have been paid on the payment proof page. Sadly there’s also much more money to be made from fake PTC sites over genuine ones since all revenue goes into the owners pocket since members don’t receive a single Cent. Also BigMoneyPTC, RichPTC and most similar fruadulent PTC sites are even using a pirated unlicensed pre-made script that can be downloaded illegally too, in the case of BigMoneyPTC, they’ve illegally used the CashCrusader script without paying a measly $69.95 for a licence when they’ve most likely made thousands of dollars illegally (there’s a long list of other bogus sites that are also illegally using this particular PTC script and if they won’t even pay $69.95 to purchase a legitimate licence, they’re bound to be a fruadulent). The only cost for setting up such a site is the domain cost (around $10) and the cost of hosting (often less than $10 a month), but they might decide to set-up their own webserver instead so there’s no host for people to complain to that could bring the website down, although I’m sure they will know of plenty of dodgy hosts that won’t intervene even when they are informed and know they’re hosting a scam site. They also nearly always pay to have their identity hidden on WhoIS which costs a minimal amount unless false information is supplied instead.

Once the fruadulent PTC site is off to a start with a good few users, some of them will choose to advertise the site since they will be promised extremely generous referral payouts for doing so (which off course won’t ever be paid), this also ultimately creates bogus good reviews along with affiliate links to the site. After a short time they will start doctoring fake payouts along with bogus names to convince people that the site is genuine when it most certainly isn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even a dodgy script that allows them to do this on autopilot too. The owner will also usually ensure that it takes quite sometime before anyone reaches the payment threshold and they will often impose at least a 60 day wait for payments since it’s then too late for people to file a dispute with Paypal / Alertpay or similar if they’ve brought a premium paid membership. By the time payments are overdue and the site is reported as a certain scam anywhere on the Internet, they will already have made a lot of money from plenty of unfortunate users, plus they’ll probably even have some paid premium members who think they’ll earn extra money when in fact they’ll still earn absolutely nothing.

There’s also nothing stopping a scam artist from setting up multiple sites to multiply the amount of illegal money they earn, while ensuring that they have at least one replacement site for each existing site that starts to becomes saturated when it becomes overexposed as being a scam. Unfortunately they have barely any chance of being punished for committing their crime. It’s very easy money where most of time the scam artist can simply sit and watch their bank account balance increase, but decent respectable people won’t ever choose to go along this dark route to ripping off innocent people who don’t deserve it. Decent people have a conscience where these scam artists clearly don’t care. With some genuine hard work and effort, there are many honest and 100% legitimate ways to make money while also often providing a valuable service to people. The Internet started out as a completely unmonitored and unpoliced source of free information, but so called cyber criminals including PTC scam artists and many others will ultimately make it necessary for more and more restrictions and on-line policing as time goes on (they’re spoiling it for everyone).


Comment from Dalwer Hossain
Time March 3, 2011 at 7:43 am

Big Money Ptc is a fake site Because i also member of big money ptc and i already make $1000 over .And i went to withdraw this amount but they don’t give me money i am waiting for over 1 month.so it is a fake site if it is a not fake site so contact me dalwers@gmail.com My big money user name is dalwers


Comment from bestmommy
Time March 3, 2011 at 2:33 pm StumbleUpon Twitter

FYI–Here’s a legit PTC site that pays on time. You won’t make thousands, but no legit PTC site will pay large amounts unless you refer hundreds or thousands of people. Just launched and membership is growing fast. Check it out here.



Comment from EmRaN
Time January 16, 2012 at 4:44 am MySpace

sir i m a new user of BIG MONEY PTC im half way to go 1000 dollars my question is me joined as a member without referal its possible to earn money and i m rally really confused the ppls saying this site is fake plz tell me if its really face i dont wanna waste my time


Comment from sparrowIV
Time October 10, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Here are 2 legit sites for you,

on the superpoints I have earned $45 in the last 3 months just for watching ads and the superbutton.


On the superpay I have earned over $12 in 1 month. ahain just for watching ads and PTC


Comment from bestmommy
Time January 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm StumbleUpon Twitter

If you’re looking for a legit PTC site that’s been around for years and keeps evolving to offer its members more earning opportunities you can’t beat Clixsense! I’ve never had a problem getting paid or getting enough ads to click. I visit the site on a daily basis and there are always ads and other ways to make money. http://www.clixsense.com/?2889058

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